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    • Howdy y’all! As it says by my name, I’m the tenderfoot around these here parts but coming up on 64 yo, pardners, these feet ain’t been tender in awhile!!!!
      It’s just cause I’m new around here but it doesn’t make me any less a Duke fan!! I’ve been watching the Duke since my Daddy told me to change channels to watch his movies (before they were colorized!).
      I love this site and have snuck on here as a guest for answers and a laugh for many times and just plain a#% forgot I signed up in 9/2020!!!
      You guys (and gals?) have been great reads and I certainly have appreciated all the answers and ends to controversies about the best actor and American in Hollywood. My husband and I love Duke movies and have watched 2 that have been mentioned here today; Fort Apache and McClintock. I will be back! Thanks, guys!!!
      Alicat56, Tenderfoot
    • Hi Peter, glad to have you join us!! Pull up and make yourself at home.
      Kevin - Moderator/Administrator
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