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    Apart from this film which I was going to query, there is another film called, The Lone Star Ranger, made in 1930, which I was told was another film John Wayne was in as an uncredited extra, can this be confirmed? I would appreciate it if someone would let me know at many thanks, Clive.

    Hi, I am glad the info I gave about Bygone videos helped you. I do not, as you may have realised, that I get online in the website much, I get in every couple of months or so, but I do get a bit busy, as I write stories and spend a lot of time, trying to get an agent and get published. I also keep my yahoo site, johnwaynefans going, as I was left in charge after the sudden death of the original owner, Clay Perkins, in 2007. I recently went to the John Wayne film society in Nottingham, U.K earlier this month, as they are hoping to get the conventions back on and running, as the organiser has now recovered from cancer. For any of you who don't know or have not heard of this society, it is run by brothers Dave and Patrick Cutts and the socity has been officially recognised by the Wayne Enterprise. One member who attended had some badges he gave out and to my surprise they were badges for this group and I wear it proudly with my other John Wayne badges. If anybody is interested in the John Wayne film society, details can be obtained from So although I do not get into this site much, I am proud to be apart of it. Thanks, Clive.

    To regards my previous posting about someone in America selling early John Wayne films, I managed to find the list and the company's name is Bygone Video, P.O Box 1263, Fulton, KY, 42041. The list of films they have is, Bardely's the Magnificent, Four Sons, Lady for a night, Lady and Gent, Black Watch, Arizona, Browns of Harvard, California Straight ahead, Central Airport, Great K & A Train Robery, I cover the War, Men Without Women, The life of Jimmy Dolan, Noah's Ark, Rough Romance, Salute, The Sea Spoilers. The prices of these films they are charging from between $12 - $29. I hope this is of interest. Chisum2.

    I am glad I read this piece, as there is someone in America online selling John Wayne movies, and has a few of the early ones on DVD but they are at a high price and especially when the postage is as high to send to the U.K. Now that, thanks to you all, I now know that the films like BARDELEYS THE MAGNIFICENT, MOTHER MACHREE and some other early one's are not the full film and the parts that are missing could be the parts that John Wayne appeared in, so it would be a waste of money. I am not sure of the name of the place, as I have recently had my computer
    thoroughly cleaned and lost most of the favourites Ikept, but I am sure I still have somewhere a piece of paper somewhere with the site name on and when I find it I will put it on the message board

    Hi folks, sorry I haven't been on for a while, I went on a well deserved holiday (vacation) and when I got back I had a fall as was unable to walk and with my computer being upstairs and me not able to get up them, I couldn't get any work done, but I am on the mend, so here is a film fact for the war film Flying Tigers, I hope you like it.

    Producer: Edmund Grainger, Screenplay: Kenneth Gamet, Barry Trivers, Cinematographer: Jack Marta, Art Director: Russell Kimball, Editor: Jack Murray, Distribution: Ernest Nims, Location: New Mexico, Arizona, Date of production: 1942.

    When his acting career petered out, Bill Shirley (who briefly plays ill-fated pilot Dale) parlayed a good singing voice into a career redubbing the crooning for Hollywood musicals. Not only does he provide the singing voice of the prince in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, it’s his dulcet tones you can hear when “On the street Where you live” starts up in My Fair Lady.
    Howard Lydecker was never Oscar nominated again, but the special effects wiz continued to provide movies with painstakingly created visuals up until his death in 1969. His CV boasted such movies as Doctor Dolittle, The Flight of the Phoenix and Sink the Bismark!.
    The radio announcement of the attack on Pearl Harbour uses the actual recording of President Franklin D. Roosevelt saying the word: “Yesterday, December 7th 1941, a date which will live in infamy, the United States was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval forces of Japan…”
    Apart from Flying Tigers, composer Victor Young was also nominated for three other films at the Academy Awards ceremony in 1943: Take a letter Darling, For Whom the Bells Tolls and Silver Queen. It was the third time he would be nominated for a total of four films in the same year. He holds the record for the most nominations ever received before winning the award – 21. He was finally given the statuette on his 22nd nomination, for Around the World in 80 Days at the 1957 ceremony, but never lived to pick it up, dying on 10th November 1956.

    Howdy folks, well here is the first film fact that I have put on this group and I would like to start off with - The Alamo.

    Producers: John Wayne, Michael Wayne, James Edward Grant, Screenplay: James Edward Grant, Cinematographer: William H. Clothier, Art Director: Alfred Ybarra, Editor: Stuart Gilmore, Distribution: United Artists, Location: Brackettville, Texas, Cost of production: $12 million, US Box office takings: $7.9 million, Date of production: 1960.

    During filming, a bit part player, LeJean Eldridge, was stabbed to death by her boyfriend Chester Harvey Smith, an extra on the film. Smith was sentenced to 20 years in prison.
    Twelve million adobe bricks were used in the construction of The Alamo’s sets, along with one million sq ft of timber, 200,000ft of steel, 125,000sq ft of concrete flooring and 30,000sq ft of Spanish tiles. The set still stands and is now a tourist attraction.
    At least 100 head of Longhorn cattle, 400 mules and 1,500 horses were bought or borrowed for the film.
    Argentinian-born actress Linda Cristal, who plays Mexican lady Flaca, went on to television fame in “The High Chaparral”. Denver Pyle, who plays Thimblerig, found belated success as Uncle Jessie in “The Dukes of Hazzard”.

    I hope you liked it and I will post some more film facts in the near future. Chester has copied four film facts from my website johnwaynefans, and in time I will go through the film facts I have posted on that site and put them on to this site as well. So keep your eyes open for more film fact. Chisum2

    Hi all, I have been a member of this site for a little while, but haven't put anything on the message board and I feel its time I told you a bit about myself. My real name is Clive, I am 42 years old and live in the U.K. I have been a fan of John Wayne as far back as I can remember, after sitting watching the Saturday afternoon films with my dad, a in them days they nearly always had a John Wayne film on. I am the owner of the yahoo website called johnwaynefans which I was a moderator since 1999. My friend Clay Perkins owned the site and we ran the club together until he passed away on 6th March 2006. I know a few of the member here, know the site and have had a chat with him in the past. On the yahoo site I post every two weeks a film fact for a John Wayne film, it has been warmly welcombed by the members who enjoy reading them. Chester got in touch with me recently and asked if he could post them on this site, which I agreed and that the next time I put on a film fact for the yahoo site, I will add it to this site as well. He also mentioned to me about my other hero, The Saint, and told me that Leslie Charteris, the author of the Saint books was married to Audrey Long who was in the John Wayne film Tall in The Saddle. I told Chester that recently I have found another hero, with a small connection to John Wayne and that is the Matt Helm series of books by Donald Hamilton. In nearly all his books, Donald Hamilton mentions John Wayne, so I assume by that, that he too was a John Wayne fan. I look forward to talking to you in the future and I hope that you get a chance to look at the film facts I post. Thanks again for letting me join the club. Clive.