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    Greetings to All Duke Fan’s!
    As a long-standing Collector of Duke’s film’s,
    I find myself needing an Appraisal of all the Duke’s films I currently own for purposes of
    Insurance evaluation.
    Does anyone know of a website that currently exists that has a film by film estimated value at today’s prices?
    If not, how would a Collection be readily evaluated?
    Thank you very much for any & all participation & your suggestions!

    Hello Kevin,

    I guess you would call me a *well armed JW movie fan*!
    Since my boyhood days when I used to watch JW on Channel 9 (Movie Channel back then) about 1963 in NYC, it became a fast habit to watch Duke and his many movies he appeared in even back then on television everywhere you might have been resting your laurel's…..
    My Top 5 after all my viewing since then might fall this-away:

    #5 In Harms Way 1965
    #4 Ft Apache 1948
    #3 Stagecoach 1939
    #2 The Quiet Man 1952
    #1 Red River 1948

    Greetings Partners!
    I just turned 66, & I believe I’ve been throwing the rope here since (just) 2013.
    It’s a shame nothing has been added to the “available” Filmography in quite some time! It was such fun in the past obtaining that rare “find” on Duke’s list of B&W Oldies.There are several out there that haven’t been released or Lost , and as a very serious JW Film Collector, I research frequently.
    Should any of you Members obtain tips on any rare films of yore, I’d love to hear from any & all of you!
    Happy Holidays to Everyone!

    Hi Mark,
    I was wrong as to Emerald’s length. It is indeed only 7-8min (depending on your source) but all my other info is the same.
    He is seen throughout this shortie, it was fun to watch something new for the first time in a very long time.Its actually on the TCM app now, and you may watch it as many times as you wish.ards


    Rob Wentworth

    Good Morning Ethan,
    Not sure why this sighting has not been listed in JW’s FILMOGRAPHY et al, but here goes.

    I was watching TCM this morning, and to my delight, found a new movie I had NOT seen before with Duke in it with a some larger than “Bit Part”.
    It may be under a different name, but since I have all available JW films, I thought I would advise you for advice and notification .

    The information on the film is as follows:

    “IRELAND, the Emerand Isle” 1934.
    Could you look into this for me, and advise if it might be under a duplicate name , unknown to many of us?
    I hope the excitement is not for naught!
    Probably so....
    Best, “Town Council”

    JW & O’Hara are a match made in heaven!
    All the shenanigans amongst the costars and townsmen brings me back to childhood. I dig it out often.
    In memory of JW, I just put a great article & beautiful pic of “The Grey Goose” up on my FB page. She’s a beaut’!!

    Somewhere in the top 5 of my list would indeed be "The Quiet Man". He and Maureen O'Hara played in several movies together, and this was one of her very finest!

    Finally, "Red River" is a must see for any JW

    I own all commercially available JW movie's, and these two seem to always be played the most.
    But whichever movie you chose on any particular day, your in for wonderful entertainment!!
    Merry Christmas to All folks!

    Greetings Duke Enthusiasts!
    My family & I lived in England from 1958-1962, and we only had 2 channels on the
    TV set. I dont remember seeing many full
    length flicks during that time at all!... I was young, and I think they came on after I was sent to bed. (after 7:30pm)(Hence my inability to view my first and one of my very favorite JW movies).
    Programming at that time : Mostly News, a few Sitcoms, Variety Shows, soccer(aka football there) and golf.
    My first flick (after returning to the States)happens to be one of my favorites:
    Sands of Iwo Jima"(1949). I saw it at age 10 in 1962..
    It made such a lasting impression on me.
    A heroine that was shot in the line of duty. Watching one of his squad members climbing Mt Surabachi to ensure The American Flag was raised in Victory!
    He was nominated for an Academy Award.
    I have owned the movie for many years, and have watched it dozens of times!

    Good Morning!

    Is there a "list" of know appearances of JW in "shorties". I didn't see it on our site, nor did GOOGLE help....

    If there is none available, I guess I will have to go the long route and contact all the fan clubs/blogs etc for info....It would just be easier if they were under "one roof" per se!

    I miss England this time of year... Many happy memories as a child.....Slides help, and bring one back with a tear or 3, but it just is not the same thing.....

    I envy you sir!

    Hello Keith,

    Although unaccredited, I have just verified the above film has a "Quick Clip" of JW on George White's Scandles towards the beginning...

    Verified on another site just now..
    What credentials must a Film have in order to be listed on our sites Filmography?

    Hello Keith,

    Just bought a copy of this movie and have reviewed it x2. Elly might be correct with her keen eye (!) but I wanted to get a second opinion from you.
    I just don't see him at the beginning, nor anywhere else.....If its archive footage, I guess my question might be, why throw a hide'um(!) in the mix? Just to kill time to make the flick add up to the Directors orders? (51min)
    If you can put your hands on a copy, and find him, could you place a copy of the scene on the site for us all?....Im going nuts!!

    Thanks so much,


    Ethan...This Film does not appear on 99% of Dukes List of Appearances! And I think there is a list out there of *Duke may have appeared in one or more of these Films*..
    Why hasn't a Film Historian does his/her research on these *possible* appearances?

    Good Morning Ethan,

    I recently found this uncredited appearance of the Duke, and found an outlet to purchase it.....
    My question is....95% of all lists of Dukes appearances never include this film, "Shamrock Handicap" or "Sweetheart of Sigma Chi", yet they are available for purchase,
    and DO have very short scene's with Duke in them if you look very close! Us hard core Duke Collectors are wondering if there are other Films out there that don't make it on
    the storied list of Films. I have 162 of his films of 172 (last est) he appeared in (11 lost or in the LOC) and I really feel there might be a more up to date list we could review
    for possible purchase.....
    No matter if he is in the Film for a 4 sec scene or a Oscar winning roll everyone knows and loves, these titles should all be on a Master List.....I have seen a *John Wayne could have been in these films* list, but why hasn't a Duke enthusiast/Film Historian taken the time to review this list?...Seems a shame!
    Your comments are welcome!

    Good Morning Ethan,

    Is Deceiver EVER going to be rekeased by Columbia? Do they still own the rights? Whats with these idiots?...They dont want to make a few extra bucks? They feel they might not even break even? Severe brain malfunction....JW was and will ALWAYS be the Greatest movie star there ever was......(Not just my opinion... many many other writers of books I have read on Duke....And Film critics galore)

    Good Morning Ethan,

    BTW...Saw the real Ethan on Pawn Stars on TV last night (x2 I have seen his appearance) I was wondering:
    1. Does JW make any appearances in these collection of *shorties*
    2. Is this title available anywhere (TCM, Oldies, Movies Unlimited, deep, Amazon, EBay) etc?

    Thank you so much!


    Good Morning!

    Received your anwer to my post, and THANKS!
    Is there a still photo available of Duke in the crowd that is legible at all?.....

    Happy Holidays to both you and yours!