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    Duke: Ya know I just came in to this little restarante to get a quick snack, I'm not sure I like your heavy handed business tactics, And if you don't get your finger out of my face, I'm real sure you and your amigos aren't going to like me!!!!!

    Duke: Now Maudie your belting out that sultry lit'l torch song and there's me and the dishwasher, no scratch the dishwasher he got to wash dishes. So that leaves me and Bull, no scratch bull he's a little gamey, make that mighty gamey.
    So that leaves me and the guitar player, no scratch the picker he's got to entertain the crowd. So that leaves me and Doc, no scratch Doc he's got a snootfull. So that leaves me and mitchum, no he's gotta play sheriff.
    So that leaves just you and me girl and that makes me "THE WINNER"!!!!!!

    Duke: No thanks mammy, I'm not really up for breakfast rite now still feeling a bit woozy after that fracas at the saloon!

    Girl: Mammy you won't believe this, but I can see rite thru Dukes head and see that ring on your finger, and very clearly too!!!!!!

    Duke to Gary: Son you can raise your hand and swear on a stack of Bible's that your hair is naturally curly, but my indian deputy blanket head, has already testified that he saw you pee on that electric fence!!!!!
    Gary: Can I put my hand down now?
    Duke: Yep!!!!

    Alright geezer in the black hat, now pay attention this is the last time I am going to show you this move. Now all you have to do when you say the line "they went thataway" is to point like this. "Alright let's shoot the getaway scene", ok take 10, lights, camera, ACTION !!!!!!!

    Duke; Well I hope that young man has learned his lesson!
    Cowboy; And that would be ?
    Duke; That you NEVER, EVER, use the outhouse rite after Bond has finished his business!!!!


    Well nothing I can say would contribute to the person I consider the greatest supporting actor in film, with the possible exception of Walter Brennan, and I would hate to have to live on the difference. If you look at Ward Bonds film list I believe you will find 10 in the top 100 films of all time, according to A.F.I.
    My personal favorite is his role as Rev. Clayton in the Searchers. But for those who wish to see him in a truly villianous role, then check out The Falcon Takes Over. His role as the murderous Moose Malloy really shows off his ability to do any role and make it truly memorable and believeable.
    One role I did not see mentioned was his role as the union Captain in Gone With The Wind.
    To think what this remarkable actor would have accomplished, had he not died that day in Dallas. And doing this while being an epileptic to boot makes it all the more remarkable.
    One final note when my wife and I had our little sandwich shop in Salida, Colorado we had names for all our sandwiches. One was the Wagonmaster in honor of Ward Bond.

    As a youngster this was just one of the many western series which dominated television in the late 50's and early 60's. One of my favorites and on a trivia note, Chuck Connors portrayal of Lucas McCain as father to his son Mark, is still listed as one of the top television dads roles of all time.


    Nothing much to say about this film other than one word GREAT. I have always said that the westerns of John Ford including Stagecoach, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon were pretty good prose as they literally flowed gracefully from scene to scene. But in this film Ford set the standard above anything he had done prior and maybe only arose to twice after, the afore mentioned She Wore A Yellow Ribbon and The Searchers. As I said these movies were all pretty good prose, but when compared to My Darling Clementine well this one was just pure POETRY!!!!!


    This film for the western movie fan was a classic from the moment it was released. I truly enjoy this film, and one that I dare say I could watch over and over. Probably the BEST gunfight ever done on screen, a 10!!!!!


    I prefer Rio Bravo to High Noon, but make no mistake about it this IS a great western. From the opening beats of the song "Do Not Forsake Me" as the outlaws assemble it builds itself into a great character study.
    There are other western movies I will watch if scheduled head to head with High Noon, but if this is on the schedule on it's own, I always settle in to be ENTERTRAINED and that is exactly what it does. Never tire of watching it.

    P.S On a trivia note, and one that I did not see mentioned in the above list. Actor John Doucette is seen in TWO roles.
    First he is seen as a member of the outlaw gang assembling to meet the train, and is the outlaw who asks the station master if the train is on time.
    He is also seen in the discussion in the church as one who voices his support for the Marshall.