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    And to you as well .
    Into that pumpkin pie already for an after breakfast/ pre lunch start.
    Told her the bird got into it , and it needed straightened up.

    Eat well and enjoy the time with family.

    Been watching "Rawhide" every morning since I'm off work and up doing paperwork.
    That and " Dead or Alive " . Have a pet bird that sings along with the theme music.
    Guess we're both becoming regulars at watching.

    Thanks Tbone .
    Been pretty busy with all of this.
    Came across his old rifle . Kept in its "ready to go " position for years.
    I knew it was there , just wasn't quite ready to open that door yet.
    Now things are startin to sink in.

    Ride well my friend

    Thanks for the response Mark,
    Been a couple real long days sorting this mess out.
    Had one of those " Rooster C " moments a while ago while dealing with a family member .
    Things are startin to get serious around here. Had to put some folks in there place.
    It's sure to get worse before it gets any better.
    I was lookin at your favorite Duke Movie (s)
    I have to agree with your choices .
    Adding In Harms Way to the list as Dad had participated in a very similar operation while serving in the USN back in the day.

    I believe I may just have to put the True Grit tape in the machine , and re- boot my thinking for the rest of the weekend .

    Thanks again

    Some words I remember " The way I see it there's two ways to look at this.
    My way , and what ever way is runnin around in that head of yours.
    I'll be outside once you get it figured out."

    Hello .
    was just riding thru , and decided to tie the horse up and have a look around .
    Just last week I lost the John Wayne figure in my life.
    My Father was a LIFE LONG fan of the man and lived his life much as the Duke did.
    If it was right it was right , and if it was wrong , well you already know the answer to that . FIX IT .

    We are going thru all of my hero's personal belongings this week and trying to see that certain items find their correct new home.
    I have inherited Quite a collection of things Duke related.
    I am a Professional Mariner and I work at sea . I sadly do not have room for everything. If some one would be interested in any of the items I think it would serve his memory well. It troubles me to think of it ending up in a box on a shelf in the back of a shed someplace.
    Once things are sorted out I should be able to compose a list of what is here. I so far have a couple statues and some books. Along with certification papers of Franklin Mint stuff that is also in the collection.

    I Know very little of collecting or how much the items are valued at , but if any of you are interested I open for discussion .

    When it comes down to the sad days that we finally loose all of the "Duke style of people " on this rock . I just don't think I want be here.
    You just had to know him I guess. A simple Coal Miner that would share his last scrap of food with a stranger , but at the same time may put his foot in some ones back for not standing for the Flag of this great country.
    A man with a gift for horses , and a stance that spoke volumes with out speaking a word.
    He didn't know anything about a web site or a group of John Wayne people. Nor did he know any of you read this. But. I'm pretty positive he would have liked what he had found.

    Thank you all for the opportunity to write a line or two regarding my Duke figure , that I too have modeled much of my life after.

    Mike M