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    Hello all,

    I haven't posted much but I wanted to introduce myself, I am 27 from Ft. Hood Texas, where my husband is an NCO with the First Cav. I was raised on John Wayne movies and OLD country music (Roy Acuff from my daddy's generation and Goerge Jones from my moms). I have two girls 5 and 7. John Wayne to me embodied everything that is and was great about America. He was not only an Actor to be held with high esteem but also a great patriot. Something sadly most actors of this generation is lacking.

    I been thinking about this alot. Ya know how sometimes Actors are called the next so and so? Like Tom Hanks(one of the few who could have hung with the older actors) is kinda like the "new" Jimmy Stewart, Mr nice guy. I started to think is there anyone who could be compared to John Wayne acting and humanity wise, I just can not think of any. I do not think any of todays actors could live up to the standards of The Duke. lol my husband and i had this debate and I told him none of todays actors has the proud rough and ready American quality, out-spoken without being a jerk about things, And stood up for what they belived in with out backing down. What do ya'll think could any actor be considered the "new" John Wayne or has Hollywood Killed of the last of the greats?

    I have always been a John Wayne fan..My family is the typical All-American Family....We belive in God, Country, Family and John Wayne in that order. My daddy always tells me that without god we cant have country and without country we can't have family...and later on i added with out John Wayne we cant have the Honor...I can remember watching Sands of Iwo Jima and thinking that with out the John Waynes of the world none of us would be free. (I was a deep thinkiner as a child but I often saw things in black and white...your either good or evil, and John Wayne represent everything good in the world to me) But growing up I saw John Wayne in another light....He was a man with flaws....BUT he never used any of his flaws as a crutch that I see alot of ppl my age use. I think if you stop and watch and i mean really watch John Waynes Characters all had some sort of flaws...IE....Sgt Stryker(Sands of Iwo Jima) he was tough and he was a Marines Marine...and deep down what he wanted was for his Child to understand why he wasn't around, a hard drinker but very vaulable in teaching men to be Marines, he had a job to do and he did it...The Shearchers....Eathen He was a bigot hated everything about indians, even threathening to kill his own niece but in the end the family man in him would not allow him too. I could go on....he was a man with Flaws but he was also a Rock too many ppl. He belived what he belived and wasn't wishy-washy.