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    hi ya,

    there are a couple of actors i liked who play with duke one was the gent who played moses in the searchers where he played at being mad so that the inchybums would let him go, and the other is the one who played the priest in the quiet man.

    for his ladies who else but the red head she added spice to the movie what on screen magic between them both.

    cheers smokey


    i think that "the man from snowy river" is a good movie even though it's not really a western as such but for us aussies it's as good as we get, it's based on a poem by A.B. (Banjo) Patterson published in 1890, the horsemanship is great and our brumbies are just as they are seen in the movie, have a herd living not to far from where i live. they are fast brutes and can travel at speeds of 80klm/hr, my father has raced them on a motorbike to see what speeds they could get up to. the movie is hard to get so if you find a copy grab it while you can.

    and chester the snowy area is just like in the movie :rolleyes:

    cheers smokey