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    Hi all,

    Although I can understand that it's easy
    to jump on the bandwagon and say hang
    them all. I must disagree. Back in the early
    70's 4 young people, 2 Irish and 2 English,
    were convicted in a court of bombing pubs
    and killing innocent people. The judge told
    them that he wished that the death penalty
    was still in force because he would have no
    hesitation in having them all hanged. It turned
    out that these 4 young people were also innocent.

    Hi all,

    Sorry for the delay in answering, but we have been
    away on holiday for a couple of weeks.

    Murray, I was down in Cong just before Christmas last year.
    We were staying in Ashford Castle, we celebrated our
    30th wedding anniversary. On one of mornings while
    we were there, we walked into the village. It's a wonderful
    walk along a tree lined lane. After only a few minutes you
    pass the "Church of Ireland" church, where Sean and
    Mary-Kate play "patty fingers in the holy water." Then as
    you continue along the lane it takes only a couple more
    minutes to reach the cottage of the Reverend and Mrs Playfair.
    Then you turn right and you are in the village of Cong. Now
    although the old "Cohan" building has been rebuilt, it has
    not been turned into a pub. It looks just the same as it does
    in the movie, with the name "Cohan's Bar" above the door,
    but that's as far as it goes. I was a wee bit disappointed
    because I was looking forward to one of those "black beers."
    But then again, this is Irelnd we are talking about, so we just
    walked 2 hundreds yards up the street and there was a place
    that had so much of the stuff, they were selling it.

    I did ask the barman about "Cohan's", but he didn't know what
    was happening with it.

    Hondo, just come with whatever money you have, the drinks are
    on me.

    Vera, if you liked English pubs, you will love Irish pubs.

    Hi all,

    I was down with a cold a few days ago and took
    some time of work. I started to re-read Dan Ford's
    book about John Ford. After a day or so I started
    to watch the movie that was in that particular chapter
    of the book. I started with "Stagecoach", followed by
    "The Long Voyage Home" "They Were Expendable"
    Then after reading the chapter in which Harry tells about
    the making of "3 Godfathers" in which He made his "debut."
    I watched that movie as well. Then last night I watched his
    other "debut" in Howard Hawks "Red River"

    Hi all,

    I just clicked "Where The Sun Now Stands" on Google,
    and was able to read a few things about Chief Joseph
    and his people. I remember watching a documentary
    about their long run for Canada, and the hard winter which
    stopped them achieving their freedom. The Native Americans
    were and still are a very brave people. They remind me of the
    Native Irish,they too were put of their land and pushed to the
    wilds of Galway and Connemara. Where it was hoped that they
    would starve and die. It's just a pity we don't have casino's.
    But then, we do have Guinness.

    Hi all,

    Overland, thank you for the link to The Quiet Man cottage.
    I have been to Cong, were the movie was made a few times,
    and have also been to Maam's Cross and seen the cottage.
    It's so sad that it has been allowed to fall into such disarray.

    Hi all,

    Clyde, I've read Harry's book more than once,
    and enjoy it more and more, please pass on
    my best wishes to him and his family.

    Are the "Tales From The Set" series available on DVD?

    Hi all

    Robbie, it's nice to know I'm on someone's list,
    I've been busy with work these few months,
    and time just seems to get away, but I hope
    to come around a bit more. I hope things are
    going well for yourself.

    Keith, its good to see that you are here my
    good friend, I've missed reading your great posts.

    Murray, its good to be in the company of one
    of the all time great lurkers, welcome back my friend.