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    Hi All

    I am afraid everyone in our house has a mobile phone (7) as well as the landline. :lol:
    So we stay in touch a lot. :o If I'm not talking to my wife Maria, then I'm talking to one of the kids. Although they are not kids any more (or so they tell me.) :mellow: As for ring tones, it's just any old thing that sounds like a normal ringing sound for me. :stunned:

    Emmanuel. :jump:


    I have read all the posts on this thread. I don't know much about Jane Fonda, apart from seeing her in a few movies from the late 60's and early 70's. I know Henry Fonda was her father, and that they did not talk to each other for a long time.
    I take it, it was because she did not support the American fighting men who served their country in the Vietnam war. From what I've read here, I take it, she did some very bad things.

    Didn't Hank Fonda serve in WW2?

    As I've said I don't know much about her, so buying or reading her book will not be on my, "Things to Do" List.


    Hi all.

    I deliberately held back to allow Robbie the opportunity to voice his opinions on THE QUIET MAN, and John Wayne in Ireland. I had hoped he would have given you an insight into the way that, many, many people on this island feel about the one man, who above all others, has shown that Ireland and it's people enjoy life, friends, and family. ( even if they do owe you money ). To say Duke is a icon, is to underestimate the man's influence upon not only one, but at least three generations of the Irish.

    The man has given the tourist industry a life of it's own. People from all over the world travel to Ireland, North and South, ( although they see Ireland as a whole ) They come to enjoy the music, the craic, (fun) not the drugs, have a black beer or ten. Get themselves a Arran sweater. ( White heavy knitted ) They also enjoy the way the Irish have of welcoming visitors.

    Were do you think most of these people get their first look at Ireland?

    Come on you all know the answer.


    All of this is not lost on the Irish. over the intervening years,we have taken Duke to our hearts. All of his movies command whole sections in the video stores. Every time a (new) one goes on release, it flies of the shelf.

    As for THE QUIET MAN being a Catholic movie.
    I'm lost on that one.

    Who in the movie is the one person who knows Sean Thornton's secret? :huh:
    The Reverend Mister Playfair, who just happens to be protestant. :o
    Wasn't the Catholic Priest and the Protestant Minister involved in getting Sean and Mary-Kate together? ;)
    Didn't they both attend the wedding? :P
    When the Bishop was leaving town, didn't All the people cheer like Protestants? :lol:

    As for John Ford giving money to the IRA
    ( I have never heard that one before )
    Didn't he have enough trouble getting the money that Herbert Yates owed to he and Merian C Cooper's company, Argosy Productions. Never mind giving to a organisation, that in the early 50's was a spend force.

    As in America, where some people dislike Duke, so it is on the whole island of Ireland.
    But as the man says
    "Sure as long as we like him, so what."

    Emmanuel. :jump:

    Hey Ethan


    You are firing the posts off faster than Duke with a six gun. :cowboy:

    Keep them coming my friend ;)

    isn't it a pity we can't have a drink together in celebration. :P

    Emmanuel. :jump: