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    In my humble opinion our representives
    are way out of touch with us the working stiffs. They believe that tehy are entitled to everything. On another note. I am a retired Letter Carrier who worked in the Newark N.J system. I can remembering delivering welfare checks to a third generation of welfare
    people. 3 GENERATIONS! Why work when
    the Democrates will ensure that you will be taken care of WITHOUT working.

    Hi Plain Old Dave,
    Welcome my friend. I have only been a member for a few months and you will find that
    there are a bunch of nice people here. :hyper:

    Hi Stumpy. I know very well how you feel about having trouble remembering names. I had a small stroke about a year ago and since then I seem to be having the same problem
    I have decide that this getting old thing is not what its cracked up to be!

    I have never seen a dog that large. What breed is this dog? I also think that the picture of the dog is doctored.If there is a breed of dog that large as a retired Letter Carrier I am very glad I am retired. I was bitten on a number of ocassions in my 30 year career.

    I know what you mean. You almost have to take a second mortage on your house to go to the movies these days. You spend more at the food counter than you do for the movie. Where are you in Japan? Many years ago in the Air Force I was there. That was in 1970. It seems like a million years ago.:teeth_smile:

    One of my favorite westerns.One of the main reasons that I enjoyed this movie is that I like to see the little guy win out. Charles Bronsons character tells some of the children of the villagers that there parents are braver then he has ever been. They have the courage of responsibility. The care of their families. I thought that that sequence was great.
    Good counsel for us all. I pointed this part out to both my son's and now my grandson.

    Errol Flynn. Mr. Cool. The first movie I saw him in was " Captain Blood " I was a fan of his from then on. He also had a couple of great caracter actors that starred with him in a number of movies. Alan Hale Sr. and Big Boy Williams. What a crew. I always was a sucker for those who fought for the weak and good guys against the bad guys.

    One of the best tv westerns of all time. I couldn't hardly wait for the next weeks program to come on. The relationship between Ben and his son's was one of the things that drew me to the show.I always felt so sorry for any female who fell in love with one of them because before the hour was up they were generally killed off.:shades_smile:

    Thanks a million! What great information. I Really enjoyed it all. Clyde! Was the duke showing respect for Carey Sr. when he held his arm at the end of the movie "The Searchers"? Thanks Again!

    very good movie.How did we all feel when Gillom walks out of the tavern and walks by his mother bond? The young man grew up at this point and his life was forever changed. The way J.B Book dies with such courage was indicitive of the way the Duke handled his own bout with cancer leading to his death. There willnever be a man like him again.

    it Is Very Nice To Find A Group Of Older Individuals Who Have Grown Up Watching And Enjoying The Duke. I Was Born On The 30th Of December In 1949 And Have Been A Great John Wayne Fan All My
    life. My 30 Year Old Son Feels The Same Way As I Do About Mr. Wayne. My Wife, On The Other Hand, Does Not Understand At All Why We Feel As We Do. We Went Food Shopping Today And I Found One Of My All Time Favorite Movies Of The Duke's. The Movie Is Eldorado And Like Most Of His Movies My Son And I Know Almost All The Diologue. I Want To Say Hi To Everyone Here And It Would Be Nice To Talk To Everyone About The Duke.
    captain Dan