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    :cowboy: Thank you for locating it Stumpy. I also wish to say sorry for this thread and that I lost where I typed in her story at. Its been a long week here in hot n humid South Texas. TRK.

    :cowboy: Hi, I posted a new thread a few days ago that dealt with who here had met The Duke and it seems to have gone somewhere or I just cannot locate it.

    I told the story of my mother meeting John Wayne at the world premier of the movie: The Alamo. I also told the story of her actually getting to eat an omlett breakfast sitting at his table.

    I was wonder if anyone knows what happened to this topic? Best regards, TRK.

    :cowboy: Hello Cole, your quite welcome and glad to "meet" you here. I make it a habit that when I find a forum, that I check as many older topics as possible. It really helps me get the hang of the site faster.

    Best regards--TRK.

    :cowboy: I do not wish to sound gruesome but, since the subject of recently deceased hollywood icons have been posted here, I was wondering if there was a published list of sorts on which "Western" actors & actresses were still living?

    Some of the few that I am aware of are:

    Richard Widmark, Karl Malden, Clint Eastwood, James Drury (The Virginian), James Garner (Maverick), Kirk Douglas, Charlton Heston, James Arness (Gunsmoke), Burt Reynolds (Gunsmoke), and Johnny Crawford (The Rifleman).

    Anybody know of others?

    Best regards TRK.

    :cowboy: Thank you for this, I definately will let him know he will be accepted here.

    BTW, Hondo, though he is a WW2 German Navy veteran, he definately had nothing to do with the nazi party.

    Here is a bit about my friend Karl.

    He started his training schools in 1940 and finally graduated from the final technical school sometime in 1941. He was a mechanic that worked on the diesel engines on submarines.

    He served on U 181 under the command of the very famous Kapitanleutnant Wolfgang Luth. Luth was one of 27 servicemen to be awarded all the country's highest decorations for valor including the Knights Cross, Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds.

    My friend Karl, was awarded the German Cross in Gold, which is equal to our Distinguished Service Cross ( which I am not comparing it to) Karl ended the war in Singapore as a surrendered personel who was held captive by the Japanese.

    The resaon why I know this gentleman is because U 181 sank my Grandfathers ship, the SS Fort Lee, on Nov 2/1944. He was serving on U 181 at the time and also was the man who gave my grandfather a Luger pistol to shoot sharks with to keep them away from his men.

    Anyway, he is 86 years young, has a great singing voice (he belongs to a church choir) and really is a generous person to know. He is also a very religious man and he is striving to keep learning English though his English in my opinion, is very good.

    One last thing on him is that he got his interest in John Wayne, back during the war when they actually showed a few of his Westerns on board ship.

    SXViper, I too am a history buff as well as a movie buff. Both reading and watching movies are but two hobbies of mine. ;)

    Many thanks and best regards TRK.

    :cowboy: Hi, I like this idea as well but, since John Wayne had so many movies, why not make a simple change with every 100th posting after the first 100 posts? Also, to make it where any John Wayne movie can be represented, simply start with the earliest going constantly up to his last movie.

    For example: I see that has already been laid out but, some things would be nice to add, such as his Three Mesquiteers movies as well as his Serials like, The Three Musketeers, The Hurricane Express etc. Giving us a chance to utilize some of his lesser known movies which are good like Allegheny Uprising, Jet Pilot etc.

    Jest my 2 cents TRK.

    :cowboy: I'm trying to get a few friends to join this site who i know from historical forums. Still waiting results. TRK.

    PS, would you guys mind it if a ww2 vet friend of mine joines this site? He is a ww2 Uboat vet who is also very fond of John Wayne. His wife of 63 years just recently passed away and he is now along in Pohlheim, Germany.

    Hi, I also liked Escape From Fort Bravo. The cast was a good one and did you know that that storekeeper who the Carla character went to see when she was going to buy some lace material, was the guy who played Floyd the Barber in the Andy Griffith TV series.

    Favorite scenes of course were when their group was tracked and the Apaches were placing spears around them for their Artillery (Archers) to use as a bracketing markers as is done when firing artillery shells. Great scenes.

    Also, the song in question was written by Stan Jones whos music was featured in several Western movies like Rio Grande and I think The Horse Soldiers. The song is titled: Yellow Stripes.

    :cowboy: TRK.

    52 years is just too short. I too will miss Christopher Reeve. He was a very good actor and made an excellent Superman. Another of his best movies IMO was Somewhere In Time. I am not a fan of romantic-like movies but this one was very well made.

    All of those who have portrayed The man of Steel in movies and original TV series have passed. However, we are lucky that Kirk Alyn who portrayed him in the Serials, is still alive and well last I heard.

    Rest in Peace Chris.

    :cowboy: Hello Chester & the Mrs, thank you for the warm greetings and I do look forward to contributing here as often as possible.

    Heh heh, you can also say that I came in with both guns blazing as well. :) I am known on historical and collectors forums. On ww2n I had almost 14,000 posts, on two other collectors sites I had appx 7,000 total, adn now I am on four other sites with a grand total of about 1,000 posts. Im no longer active on the first few sites because of time restrictions but, I do like it here and do wish to share what little I can on our favorite person, The Duke.

    I have a few production stills that have him in them that I want to share here but have no way in doing so. The stills are from the following movies:

    1) The Flying Tigers - which shows him standing next to his P-40 Warhawk Fighter with his Chinese crewchief. They are pointing to the bullet-holes in his craft.

    2) Fort Apache - This is a shot of very near the end of the movie before Henry Fonda and the rest are wiped out. They are in that little depression in the ground and are waiting for the Apaches to attack.

    I find it funny that this production still actually shows a big error in it. The error is that John Wayne (Captain York) is there with them at the last--when he was not. It is a great photo anyway. You can make out all the characters liks Victor McLaglen, The Duke, Henry Fonda, Pedro Armendariez and the rest.

    Thank you kind sir and maam. Best regards- TRK.

    Hi, one movie I do have on dvd that added in a few deleted scenes was in the movie Big Jake. Ones that I noticed that were added was after their ambush by Fein and they were at their campsite and at night when the Duke notices that his son (Patrick) was limping. It turned out he was hit in the ashcan with buckshot.

    The Duke tells him to drop his pants who also refuses until the Dog growls. Next you then see him cutting out the buckshot. Also, the Duke also uses a variation on a curseword from Bas.... to Bustard. I thought that was good to hear instead of the real curseword.

    :cowboy: TRK.

    :cowboy: Yah Tah Hay Hondo, thank you for the nice welcoming. You can bet your boots I will be a frequent visitor to this fine site.

    By the way, I want to give you greetings in the Cherokee Language which is: O SI YO.

    Best regards TRK.

    I guess you can say that I was born liking the Duke. Both of my parents loved him (especially my mother) and some of the first movies I can ever recall seeing whan I was a yonker were John Wayne movies.

    The first ones I remember seeing were: Rio Lobo, Big Jake, The Longest Day, and The Alamo. I remember that every year on the anniversary of the start of the Alamo siege, that local TV stations always played The Alamo as a way to recognize th event. Sadly nowadays, they no longer make a tribute to the Duke or to special days like the one mentioned above. Instead, they play the usual stuff that they normally play from week to week.

    I think that is tragic because for one, I got me interest in learning about history and the wild west, thanks to seeing these movies. Today I am hardpressed to find someone who is still in school, that knows about the Alamo, WW2 or even John Wayne.

    I used to look forward to staying up late Saturday nights to see a John Wayne or Johnny Weismuller movie. Sunday afternoons and evenings about twice a month on local stations, we got old war movies, westerns, and exposure to the Duke.

    I really wish that tv stations in my area would go back to the way they did things 20 or so years ago.

    Yah tah hey The Ringo Kid. :cowboy:

    I was born and raised in Kingsville, Texas (home of Texas A&I university as well as the world HQ of the King ranch) I now reside in a slightly larger city about 40 miles from Kingsville. :cowboy:

    Sorry to hear that you too lost parents to cancer, I lost my dad in 1988 to cancer. (who was also a John Wayne fan and Western movies fan in general)

    Best regards-- The Ringo Kid.

    Hi, I just found and immediately joined this site. I think it is one fantastic site and liked it at first glance. I am a 37 year old and life-long John Wayne fan and I hope to get to know more John Wayne fans.

    Best regards: The Ringo Kid. :cowboy:

    PS, in case you do not know my real name--please just send me a PM or an email. Or you can wait till I admit it here in the future. :cowboy: