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    Haha if I ever am i'll take you up on that Ringo, think something like a shooting range is out of the question here given our countries past but it sure could be a fun day out.

    Heh heh, there are several in my area we can use. At least two are LEOs and former LEOS, another is the Starry Range, another is currently bbing built by the Gent who owns Nichols Pharmacy--who is also selling guns from his Pharmacy as well. ;-)) I forgot-we also have another indoor range called: The Sharpshooter.

    Iv'e never fired a gun, it's definitely something i'd like to try in a controlled environment, just to see if there's a rush or whatever.

    If you ever make it my way? ill be glad to let you put a grin on your face bigger than the one that piers morgan had when he fired two versions of an AR-15, as well as a .50 Cal "Ma Deuce" Machine gun.

    All I can offer for now is firing my STG-44 .22-my Walther P-38 and my Krag Carbine. By the time you make it over-I SHOULD have added to the small collection-a WWII G.I. Mil Spec Colt .45 and possibly a .357 cal Mares Leg.

    OK, I'll bite ~ So what was it that you were doing that was so completely unrelated before finding that 9mm "forgotten" ammo ~ and then made you so "Happy"?

    In a similar way, my weapon of choice during my early deer hunting years (1950's) was a 1898 Springfield 30-40 bolt action Krag carbine. Never saw any reason to want to upgrade since all of my 'deer kills' back then were made one bolt action shot at a time. For me, anything semi-auto was "un-sportsman" like (plus as I recall ~ except for my old Army M-1 Garand ~ commerically produced semi auto sporting rifles weren't even available yet). As "luck" would have it, in 1960 my trusty Krag was stolen and as "fate" would have it, that was also the last year I ever went deer hunting.

    Fifty one years later in 2011 I too found an old box of Winchester .30-40 cartridges that I had completely forgotten I still had. It brought back a hell of lot of fond memories for me. Maybe not the same kind of "happiness" you felt over your 'lost' ammo ~ but it still put a "warm glow" over these tired old bones of mine when I think back on those early days. Thanks for the reminder Ringo.

    Heh heh, I was looking for images of Pork Chop Hill stills that Bill kindly gave to me. I looked in a closet in another room, just happened to see an M-60 MG-ammo can I forgot I had-so I opened it and wallah--found the two boxes of 9 mil. It also made me happy in that for those two boxes-the total price was about $10 bucks. For the exact same kind out now-thanks to all the anti-gun garbage going on--would cost me about $43-for 100 rounds vs $10 bucks for 100. Also, just last night-I was looking in another box-and found two boxes of Remington .22 cal LR ammo ;-))

    I too own a 30-40 Krag Carbine. Mine also still has and is still in very good condition-its original 1898 leather sling. I also still have two boxes of vintage 30-40 Krag ammo. Sorry to hear some jerk stole your Krag--one of my Walther P-38s was stolen from me on Jan 6th 2000-and still not found by the police yet. But your story fo finding that box of Krag ammo-and the memories--is how I felt when finding mine ;-)) I hate asking but--if you decide to sell it? please let me know.

    Also, im a huge fan of Garands. I had had one once and been kicking myself for selling it. One summer when I had no money coming in-my AC unit died and I needed a new one-so I had to sell mine off. Mine was one of those so-called ""Tanker Garands"" that were used in the Korean War. And your very welcome ;-)) I sure wish your Krag be back in your hands sometime soon. I HATE thieves.

    While researching him for possible contact--just learned he passed away in January. Anyway, im talking about the Gentleman whom the movie and book: The Dirty Dozen--was inspired from. I am talking about James "Jake" McNiece-who was a Sergeant in the 101st Airborne Divisions Pathfinder unit nicknamed: "The Filthy Thirteen."

    Rest in Peace Jake.…ECE-obit-articleLarge.jpg…ECE-obit-articleLarge.jpg

    Seen several in parts on both TCM and AMC. Included: Command Decision, The Green Berets, Where Eagles Dare, Pork Chop Hill, Battleground, Battle of the Bulge, Air Force, and probably others.

    Also, still on Season 3 of: The Adventures of Robin Hood and saw Gordon Jackson in an episode.

    Ditto, just watched most fo Back To Bataan and They Were Expendable and also a few season 3 eps of: The Adventures of Robin Hood. Battle of the Bulge is supposed to be on either tonight or tomorrow-I love that movie. I HOPE--they dont play garbage like: inglorious bastards, platoon and apocalypse now. I loathe those wastes of time and celluloid.

    I used to like to watch Man vs Food, also. As good as all those meals looked, when you sit down and try to eat something like a huge massive pizza or whatever it is like he did, it's gonna cause some trouble inside you. I love to eat, but there's no way I could do what he did. I don't even go to buffet places anymore because one pass through the line and I've had enough.

    Last time I was able to eat more than a plate full fo food-was when I was in College and was about 23 years old. All college students ate too much, my friends and I did so as well. The last "All you can eat" place i went to was Pizza Hut--and even then--I didnt eat much. I dont like All you can eat places either.

    Hi Mrs C. Stakeout is now also going way overboard and isnt worth the time. Its on the same night as Sons of Guns (aka) Red Jacket Firearms--which is barely watchable as it is. That show is starting to grate my nerves with the stupidity of their scripts. The only reason I still watch them is I can actually learn something extra on fixing guns and such.

    One food reality show I like is Guy Fieri's, Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. He goes around the country to different eating establishments, usually small ones and never big fancy places, and tries some of their more popular dishes. He hangs in the kitchens with the chefs and watchs how they prepare the dish, then he tries a sample of it, and makes the rounds of the dining rooms to get the patrons views and always with his trademark sense of humor. He usually does three places per 30 minute show. And it is probably scripted to some degree to allow for mistakes, but it's quite entertaining and you do get to see some tasty looking meals.

    I admit--I like his show too--but every time I watch it-I gain 30 pounds. :lol;:lol:

    I especially dislike things like Big Brother that give people with no discernable talents the chance to garner publicity for no reason at all. Things like Jersey Shore and the like.

    Same here and, if I recall correctly? wasnt the British that had the original "Big Brother" show? If so? we can all blame them for the downfall of TV :lol::lol::lol:

    PS, I HATE anything to do with honey boo boo and the kardashians.