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    I just saw Hangman's House. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I love Victor McLaglan in every picture I've seen him in.

    1.Hangman's House
    2.Wee Willie Winkie
    3. Gunga Din
    4.Fort Apache
    5. She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
    6.Rio Grande
    7.The Quite Man

    And I loved the way he called Duke "Captain Darling"

    Everyone in the cast, Duke,Dobie, Pedro Armendáriz, Ward Bond all hit just the right note.
    Alas, like almost all of the John Ford/Harry Carey Westerns Marked Men seems to be lost forever.

    Last night I watched THE OUTLAW. The movie has two very large firm things going for it. Other then Miss Russell and the world's first cross-your-heart there are many other good things to say about this movie such as all the fine acting and good script. The scoring however, is over done and horrible, the worst case of Mickey Mousing I have ever seen.


    Originally posted by thesherrif@Dec 14 2005, 09:51 AM
    I watched
    the good the bad and the ugly the other night!! :newyear:


    I know John Wayne like Clint Eastwood and considered him his successor. Anyone know what he thought about the MAN WITH NO NAME Trilogy?


    Originally posted by Senta@Dec 7 2005, 03:02 AM

    I don't know much about operations of USA troops in that part of the world and can't say: is the movie historic accurate or not, but belive that it is so.
    It is really great how war is shown in the movie. I had the impression that some documentary was used in the movie. Is it so?


    The combate footage in Sand of Iwo Jima is from a USMC documentary TO THE SHORES OF IWO JIMA. This includes to Actuell footage of the Famus Flag rasing of Mt. Surabachi. It is well worth seeking out.

    Semper Fi

    I agree that a Western doesn't have to take place in the Western States rather, they have to be about the American Fronter. Hence, Last of the Mohegins and Drums Along the Mohawk take place in upper New York State of the 1770 then that was the frontier, and are there for Westerns. North to Alaska takes place in the 1900 when Alaska was the fronter is in their fore also a western.

    I love this Movie. :jump: Iwo and The Alamo are my two favs. When ever I'm feeling depressed or the like, I can pop this into the VCR and I it will help to pick me up.
    Plus as an Orthodox Jew I always get a kick out of Duke saying Amen to the dying solider saying Shema. (That is actually not the right response, but his heart was in the right place.)

    Alas there is lots of missing John Ford footage that seems to have been lost forever. Everything from 20 min from his Wagon Train episode to almost all of his silent Westerns. We could always hope they will be found someday.