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    My dad had several guns in the house under the bed and 1 in the nightstand. All loaded ready for use and no locks. My dad took the time to take me out and let me fire the guns so that it was not a big mistry as to what it was like and he ALSO took the time to let me know that if I EVER even thought about touching them with out him around I wouldn't sit down for a week... I never had a problem with wanting to PLAY with any of his guns.

    Also there is nothing like the sound of a pump shootgun down a dark hallway.

    Well since I have had my dish turned off and with two young ones in the house, I either watch animated movies all day :rolleyes::fear: or I find some time to pop in a JW movie... which I just added "Dark Command" and "The Longest Day" to my collection... yippie!!!! :D

    Other movies I enjoy taking a bit of time out of the day with are "Operation Petticoat", "Father Goose", a few Jackie Chan movies "Mr. Nice Guy", "Shanghai Knights", and a few Tim Allen movies "Big Trouble" and "Joe Somebody"...

    Other than that it's "Toy Story", "Toy Story 2", "Veggie Tales", "Barbi" and just about every Disney movie that has ever been made...

    Anyway to try and get this post back to topic... Right now I don't think I could go a day with out watching the Duke...

    Slavery was also the least of all the reasons that the Confederacy formed and broke away from the other States. Texas had already fought for and won their independence from Mexico when the War between the States took place. So I would say that slavery had no impact on why Texans wanted their freedom from Mexico.

    I heard her “apology” if that’s what you want to call it, it was more like I’m sorry that it got used that way but I’m not sorry I went. In my opinion she was just trying to smooth the waters for her book release. Since I don’t do much reading for enjoyment, it doesn’t mean too much for me to say I’m not going to read it… but oh well “I’m not going to be reading it” :P


    Originally posted by chester7777@Oct 24 2003, 10:16 PM

    I must admit, we don't live in southern California, as John Wayne did, but farther north, about 65 miles south of San Francisco.

    Chester :rolleyes:


    Hi, Chester we are from the same area, I can smell the Garlic B) ... Nice to see another John Wayne fan so close to home...

    Well I'm 39, be 40 in September. Watching John Wayne war movies with my dad got me on the road to be a John Wayne fan but my mom really helped me become a big John Wayne fan, when I was around 10 or so when ever there was a John Wayne movie on TV she would let me break out my mess kit and eat dinner out of it and being a good mom she would usually fix chili or something like that for me to eat. It’s great to have found a place to share my love of the Duke…