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    I feel very sorry for the new generation of children growing up. As early as I can remember I had my cap guns and ten gallon hat hanging by my bed, and at 49 I still do!
    Now children are discouraged to play cowboys, or cops and military men. What a shame.
    Clearly it would be far better to have kids running around playing cowboys than sitting in their rooms on the computer.

    Wall-Mart takes a lot of heat these days but it is the only place you can go in and outfit your little cowboy or cowgirl.

    I have always loved the Duke, Roy the long Ranger and Chuck. I remember the first time I saw the Alamo my Mom bought me a four foot Paris wooden musket, I still have it. Wow I loved than gun. I lost count of how many times I won the Alamo! My Dad made me a leather pouch and I cut roll caps so I could have quick single shots....I can still smell the powder from those old caps.


    Yes, that would be a great moment. To sit down a share a bottle of Wild Turkey with John .
    My son who is 14 is also a Duke fan and I realy feel his love for the Duke and his strong faith in God and our Country has helped him make good choices, he just completed his Eagle Scout project.
    I am very proud of him, and of corse Mom and I have had some infulence.
    We both attend 1800 period events whenever we can and with out being conscious of it as we buy our period clothing (River Junction Trade Co in McGregor Iowa) we look in the mirror and there is old Duke and young Hondo.

    If you are ever in north eastern Iowa please check out the River Junction Trade Company on main street McGregor. It is like taking a step back in time. My son and I head up there whenever we can just to hang out. They have several cowboy events every year and yes you can wear your iron. In fact they are building a western town
    and planing five to six events a year.

    Roy Rogers was my first hero then the Duke, I felt that "real cowboys" should not run around with a gutiar. However I still have a great deal of respect for "Roy".

    As for me I will never put my six guns down!