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    I was lucky enough to see Rio Bravo this summer on a big screen at the University of Chicago. It was shown using the dvd and a projector so it wasn't the greatest quality, but it was still great to see it on a big screen after years of seeing it on television.

    I hope RB gets the 2-disc treatment that all those Wayne-Ford westerns got last year. It's long overdue, especially considering the barebones release in the cardboard packaging available now.

    Hey everyone, sorry haven't posted in awhile, but came up with a good stumper that I figured you fine folks might know. So I was watching The Undefeated on AMC last night, and in the credits John Agar is listed, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember seeing him amidst all those familiar faces. This has bothered me before so I popped in the dvd to see if I could find him, and sure enough I did.

    In the scene where JW resigns, with Paul Fix, there is a shot of John Henry Thomas' men on the horses in the rain. The Duke says "These are all that's left, and two of them won't make Christmas." Well to me, that last fella who coughs sure looks like John Agar, albeit with a beard.

    So here's my pregunta. Was Agar's part cut in the editing room? Maybe there is a scene of him dying/getting killed because at no point in the rest of the movie do I see him with the other Thomas riders, Johnson, Harry Carey JR, Collier, Gatlin. I'm thinking maybe the Duke offered an old friend a part in his later years. So sorry if I rambled, but any ideas? What happened to John Agar, "Christian" in the imdb listing, in The Undefeated?

    I finished watching the special features on the McLintock dvd this weekend and am looking forward to buying Hondo soon, if not after Christmas.

    The last western I watched was Wrath of God with Robert Mitchum as a bank-robbing priest. Kind of a quirky movie, but I really liked it and Mitchum was great.

    It looks like Phantom just bought the Sabata Trilogy DVD Collection, which I'm holding out on getting.

    The last western I watched was The Train Robbers. After hearing some conversation here about the trailers that are included and that I hadn't seen it in awhile, I went out to Borders and bought it. Looked great in widescreen and I liked the special features about the stunts.

    Speaking of westerns, I've been meaning to watch The Professionals. Now, if you're looking for a fun western to watch, The Professionals is a safe bet.

    I've always loved this movie because it's just a lot of fun to watch. Whenever I hear the Gary Owen song, I always find myself humming or singing along.

    Even when I was younger, I always found it funny how Custer "sacrifices" the 7th Cavalry to prove a point. I know this movie does take more than a few historical liberties, but this has to be the biggest. George Armstrong Custer wanted glory, but he by no means wanted to commit his regiment to a suicide mission.

    With that said, They Died With Their Boots On is a great movie and I can always look past the historical liberties the director took. And I've always liked how the battle of the Little Bighorn is portrayed. Do you think they used crane shots to get those big epic shots of the 7th charging after Crazy Horse and his warriors.

    Seeing him as Old Man Clanton in My Darling Clementine still surprises me everytime I see it. After seeing him as such a lovable character as Stumpy in Rio Bravo, his Clanton role was so different. The way he revels in telling Wyatt that he killed James make that character so evil.

    One of the best character actors ever.

    I can't think of three, but I know one for sure. How about an official MGM/Sony release of The Waynamo The Director's Cut with all the added scenes, the intro, intermission, and outro music. I've got the VHS but I'm worried it'll fall apart everytime I watch it. For that matter, how about special editions of all John Wayne movies on DVD!

    I'll have to think about the other two.

    I think Clive Owens would have been the perfect choice, but I'll hold my opinion on Daniel Craig. Just look at Owens in Sin City, and tell me he isn't perfect for the role of Bond. If you want to see him in a darker role, check out Road To Perdition. He plays Connor Rooney, Paul Newman's son, who has quite a mean streak to him. If nothing else, it shows he can play troubled characters, if not James Bond.

    And like several people have pointed out, Sean Connery was the best, followed by Pierce Brosnan. Connery will never be replaced.

    During the school year, I'm in Bloomington, Indiana at Indiana University. Go Hoosiers! During the summer, I'm back in Chicago, my hometown. Go White Sox! So for the whole year, I guess I'm in the Midwest.

    Just like Cole, the first Wayne movie I remember seeing was The Alamo. When I was six or seven, I went through the whole Davy Crockett/Alamo/Fess Parker phase, which I never really grew out of. I watched it with my mom because naturally, I asked millions of questions. The first time I watched it, I think I cried as all the main characters were killed off. Or at least I think so.

    I also remember Rio Bravo and Big Jake. Big Jake was shown in a 2-hour slot on TBS or TNT for Weekend with the Duke and it got to the point where I was reciting whole scenes of dialogue, especially those between Wayne and Richard Boone. Remember, I was probably only 7 or 8, saying "I'm gonna blow your head off."

    I guess its fitting that these are my three favorite John Wayne movies.

    Hi All,

    My name's Tim, it was taken as a username so I'm using my middle name, and I'm new to your board. I'm 20 yrs old, a junior at Indiana University, and a big John Wayne fan.

    Just wanted to introduce myself to the board, and I look forward to taking part in some great conversations/dialogue/arguments about the Duke!