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    The snow storm is supposed to dump the majority along the I40 corridor so anyone traveling I40 through Oklahoma arkansas Texas panhandle will see large drifts with 40 mph winds lows in the low teens so wind chills will be brutal. be aware and be careful.

    its cold here in central Indian territory. We are supposed to have 8" of snow tomorrow so we will have a white christmas the bad though is any accumulations will shut this city down because too many don't know how to drive in snow. The green cars have no clearance or the weight for snow driving. Anywho a white christmas will be a blessed event since the drought is on going. pray for rain. merry Christmas everyone and may God Bless the USA.

    republican is not rich corporations, Im not saying it doesn't include those but it also is working class folks, Its a principal. I find it amusing how so many include wall street or rich but they never say anything about hollywood. Look at Joe Bidens donations to charities and look at romneys. Ill say this the churches do more for poor and helping their fellow man than any other entity. The majority of churches are conservative in their beleifs. The democrats kicked God out of their platform. Obama says we can't go back but for over 200 years this nation has prospered and became the greatest country, what destoryed Bush was he spent or allowed them to spend way too much. Obama has tripled that , Nothing wrong with capitalism we have used that model for a long time. I suggest people read alinskies rules for radicals a sublect Obama taught. Alisnky says ridicule is the most powerful weapon, he holds up Lucipher, some of the 13 rules of Alinsky is pick a target,freeze the target. anything look familar? wall street, Insurance companies, Banks, energy sector. Alinsky says it doesnt matter if you lie,cheat as long as the agenda is met. If caught in a lie deny and deny and deny. read the book and everytime they speak you'll understand what they are doing. Get ready folks it may be tough road to hold not for me but for my children. God Bless America!!!

    Ringo, say what you think is American and more John Wayne like than wishing had said it. I too say what I think, it gets me in trouble sometimes but folks know where I stand. I too am not a costner fan, Hollywood doesn't have stars like the old ones ,like Stewart, the duke,Gable,Davis people that Loved this country and the flag and respect for their elders. Vaya con dios my friend.