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    Keith I like the Truegrit one, have you finished the Fort Apache one like to take a look at it, visited your site today, pity I don't have a cat or dog. lol

    Just to let you know that after Thursday 11th I shall be away for a long weekend, but I have bookmarked the forum page on our Sandra's notebook so I might pop in to see who is answering all the questions.

    I'm 70 years young a war baby born while bombs were being dropped all over England.

    Okay now this woman Dianna Knobi supposedly killed by a tame Lion during the making of Hatari for one there is no Lion tame or otherwise in the movie. We saw a Leopard caught in a cage up a tree and a tame Cheetah named Sonja but no Lion, I think someone as got their wires crossed, I have just been to the Wikipedia page and it mentions nothing about the woman.

    The cameo roll was to be played by Ward Bond but before filming began on Hatari! Ward Bond passed away on November 5, 1960. The joke Wayne was going to play on his old friend was he was going to get a photo of Wards rear end and a Rhinos and have a contest to see which had the biggest rear end.

    And may I also say like Duke, Ward Bond is also missed by all his fans.

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    John Wayne

    The name of the song is, Swanee River that Kurt was trying to play, and Dallas had to come and rescue him, it is a Black Water River.

    I think they had to start the movie with some action and best is what they came up with a Rhino catch that didn't come off. Then when the Indian came out of Hospital he asked Sean to leave them alone this season because he thinks they are jinxed as he says, first it was that nice Belgian kid then Brandies father and his own near miss, so Sean leaves them alone until the end, and they catch a beauty and Sean says there Indian that breaks the jinx.

    As for Sean not wanting Dallas around, as Pockets told Dallas that Sean bought a woman back with him one time and she didn't like the animals and his way of life so as Pockets put it one day she just got on her broomstick and flew away. I think Sean was afraid that if he fell in love with Dallas the same thing might happen again. So as Pockets said that she "Dallas" had to start it because Sean wouldn't

    I think the routine you are looking for is when Sean finds Dallas in his bed and Pockets comes in to ask him something, Pockets asks him who is in his bed and Sean says I don't know and it goes on from there and again in the morning and all Sean keeps saying is I don't Know.

    Its not Karl its Kurt, did you know that while filming was going on at night instead of playing cards or chess with the cast and crew Hardy Kruger (Kurt Muller) lay on his bed listening to the African night noises he did this every night and eventually fell in love with the place so much so that after the film had finished he stayed on in Momella. Kruger made a deal with the land owner Rolf Trappe and went into partnership with Jim Mallory. In November 1961, they opened The Momella Lodge Hotel build on the actual compound of the movie. Kruger would live in Momella for thirteen years, and a lot of his Hollywood earnings were put into the hotel. After Kruger finally left Africa, the lodge got into a state of disrepair but is still doing some business today. But just recently, another hotel opened next to the Momella Lodge, under management of a German couple. That Lodge calls itself the Hatari Lodge, and is using the actual homes of Mallory and Kruger for accommodations.

    The music for Hatari does have a score for most scenes one is called Big Bwana next one Just for Tonight is the piece of music you hear just before Dallas hears from Sean that they voted her to stay. And Fathers Feathers thats the one when the ostriches escape as well as the Hatari theme I have had them about three years now downloaded them.

    What I have read in this months journal they never had a script for Hatari, the director told them the night before what he wanted for the next day and they just followed dukes lead. what gets me every time I watch it, is when Red Buttons [ Pockets ], when he is reading the letter that Dallas left, [Notice she doesn't write with an accent].

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    My wife took me to Cong for my 60th birthday and we did all the locations except one which was no longer there that was the cottage in the background of one of the scenes you could see smoke coming out of the chimney. I took photographs of all the locations and they are now on my first site to the Duke the link is called The Quiet Man Trail and you might already know that Cohan's is now a pub.

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    Yeh when I joined the other message board to the duke the one that as Rick, Terry and others, someone posted a message to me about the truck and thought it was a wind up so me and my son put the film on and looked for it, we did eventually find it.

    I have added my second site to the Duke on my profile there is a link on the contents page to my first site. I would really like someone to check out my first site if at all possible because I have tried to load it up but it seems slow to load..........Thanks

    I don't mind you checking out my sites as soon as I have figured out how to put them onto my profile, and thanks for the welcome to the board.

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    Well I bought a John Wayne limited edition belt buckle a long time ago and I was not into John Wayne at the time, when I said a long time you can go with the price which was Ten Shillings Sterling. I got into J.W oh about 30 years ago I taped Eldorado off the tv to video and just kept watching it, well I started collecting his movies on video my wife started buying birthday and Christmas presents for me either videos or anything John Wayne built up a good collection of videos then out comes dvd. Started collecting dvd's now I have a collection of over 100 dvd's some which are silents as well, and I have built up one website to The Duke and have started a second site to the great man John Wayne.

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    Hi Rocklin here from a cold wet England, I'll try and get on the board as often as I can but I'm at the moment building my second site to the great John Wayne.