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    Hi Arthur
    It's also interesting to know that Wayne/Batjac tried to get Spencer for the role eventually played by Wayne, Whistling Dan in The High and the Mighty (for which Spence would have had the right age, Wayne looked a tick too young for the part) - but anyway, Tracy backed out when the film was all lined up.

    That means she moved to Lausanne about the same time Audrey Hepburn moved and stayed there. I wonder if the two of them ever met, although I never read anything about that in the Hepburn biographies. Ironically, it was her character Angel's line in North to Alaska that "instead of jumping into a river one day (comitting suicide), I jump into a gold mine" or something like that.

    I never knew she committed suicide - nor that she did it in Switzerland! Do you have more specifics about that place, Arthur? I thought Capucine was perfectly cast in Alaska and enjoyed seeing her in European productions as well.