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    :angry: That is a darn shame that a hero like Rene Gagnon could not get a better job than as a Janitor. :angry: Someone like him definately should have been given a chance for a better existance. I hate hearing about vets getting shafted especially for putting their lives on the line for us back home.

    :cowboy: Sorry I lost my temper a bit. It's just that the abusive treatment that too many vets get really sticks in my craw. RK.

    :cowboy: I always did like J.C. Flippen. The first film I saw him in was as the Yankee Sergeant on his way with new recruits to Fort Bascomb in the movie Winchester '73.

    :cowboy: Hi Arthur, the link provided for Iwo Jima IMO is the best on the net. There is another that was done by the son of the last surviving member of the first flag raising. I can't remember his name but i'll see if I can find it somewhere and will let you know if i do. That site has several pics of the first flag raising and much commentary.

    Best regards--TRK.

    :cowboy: Hi Arthur, great statistics. One small item I can contribute so far is, Character Actor Vernon Dent made many many Short Subjects with The Three Stooges.