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    Hi Arthur,

    I know how you feel!
    I felt much the same way,
    when I had completed
    the Movie Reviews and 'Pals'

    Many thanks for a wonderful series,
    and look forward to you next one!


    Originally posted by arthurarnell@Oct 10 2006, 07:26 AM
    40 years ago the British actor Wilfred Lawson died aged 66 he was in Alleghaney Uprising.


    Hi Arthur,

    Wilfrid Lawson is one of my favourite character actors,
    I already have a 'Pals' compiled for him,
    and his involvment in
    The Long Voyage Home and Allegheny Uprising,and will
    post it in the next couple of days

    On the mention, of James Caan,
    I have already completed a 'Pals' on him,
    and I will be posting it at a later date

    Thanks Arthur,
    and duly noted, I'll include him tomorrow.
    His name rang a 'little' bell,
    but I am sure when I post his biog and pic,
    it will be, AH!!, I remember him!!!


    Arthur's timed it well again, or J.C did?
    I will be featuring this very man , in 'Pals' tomorrow!


    J. C. Flippen, was a supporting actor,
    that you seemed to see everywhere,
    and think, who is that fella???
    J.C was involved, in 5 films with Duke, and they were??????

    See tomorrows episode!!!!!

    Hi, thanks Arthur,

    I will be featuring Lee Marvin,
    in 'Pals of the Saddle', today.

    He sure did Arthur,and in Cahill.
    I will be including, him later on
    in 'Pals of the Saddle'
    In the meantime, he was in:-

    Cahill U.S. Marshal (1973) .... Abe Fraser
    The Sons of Katie Elder (1965) .... Curley
    In Harm's Way (1965) .... Colonel Gregory

    He is stll alive, and making films,

    The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance-Gene Pitney

    Hi Arthur,
    I hope this helps, ironically, I'd included this piece
    in the trivia section of the Movie Review,

    Hi Arthur,
    Indeed it should be the other way around,

    My best regards to yourself, for all the contributions, that you have made.
    It's been a fascinating topic, and one, I am sure, all our regulars, read.
    Points are picked up, and memories jogged.
    Only last month, you mentioned, Robert North Bradbury,
    and from that hint,it prompted me to post a biog on him.
    and now the 'Pals of the Saddle', is born.
    You mentioned Carl Pierson, which prompted me to post a Monogram link.
    Today you mention Mae Marsh, and she is also featured as 'Pal'
    and those of you, who are interested in her, here is a link to that thread:-

    So, to sum up, 'On the Day, may be about the past,
    but it is also,the future of the board,
    as inspiration, comes from those long lost, you often mention,
    and those, long lost, are why we are all here!

    My best wishes,

    If any members are interested in these older films,
    in the Movie Reviews, featuring the Lone Star/Mascot/Monogram/early Republic films,
    Carl Pierson, and Paul Malvern etc are often
    mentioned, in the credits, as Producers, editors, directors etc

    If anyone is interested, here is a link to the History, of


    Originally posted by arthurarnell@Feb 2 2006, 07:05 AM
    On this day 2nd February

    103 years ago the actor Frank McGrath was born. Known as Charlie Wooster in Wagon Train his last film with John Wayne was in The War Wagon.


    Whilst compiling the Movie Reviews, it's interesting to note that Frank, was also a stuntman, and appeared, not only as an actor, but as an un-credited stuntman,
    in the following Duke films:-

    Fort Apache
    She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
    Rio Grande

    The Searchers
    The Wings of Eagles

    Best Wishes

    Hi ,
    I totally agree, when you think he guided
    Duke through those earlier days,
    it was clear to see that Duke was learning his skills.
    It is quite remakable, how much he matured,


    Originally posted by arthurarnell@Dec 21 2005, 07:11 AM
    ....17 years ago the actor Bob Steele died age 81, the son of Robert North Bradbury he was a very famous figure in westerns including McLintock.



    Hi Arthur,
    I wonder where Duke would be, if not for RNB!!


    Hi Arthure,
    I couldn't agree more with you, about the above two gentlemen,
    Duke must have cringed and whined all the way to the bank,
    after the fall out, over these two.
    All the books you read, point the finger
    at the comments and gestures made in thenOscar promotions,
    ah well, some people never learn, even the Duke, at that time!!