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    Well it's been awhile to getting on here. But today I'm getting my feet wet. For sometime now I've been following this forum and I have to say this is the biggest and most informative John Wayne site I seen so far. I congratulate you all.
    For some time now I'm a John Wayne fan. Been one sense I can recall Which I belive was about 10 or 11 yrs old. The person I would like to thank for that is my grandpa. He to, is a big fan of the Duke. Each time the Duke was on tv we'd sit down and watch him in action. Growing up though and soon going through Jr. High and High School. I lost that fandom alittle bit. That was until in applied art in High School that we were to pick a portait of some one and put it on scratch board. Well I pick John Wayne of course and I did very well. I received an A for it. When I got the picture back. I sent it off to my grandparents and to this day, they still have it. Ever sense then, still a John Wayne fan and still going strong.
    Now I'm 25 and have 2 kids. Each time I go to visit my Grandparents and if the Duke happens to be on tv. My grandpa and I would sit down and watch him action.

    Also for chilibill,If you see this I'd be glad to know some more info about the teacher from Omaha doing the contest for the John Wayne museum.