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    Hi Jay, IHW and Emmanuel.

    From what I understand, I think the Pope did waive the rules in Mother Theresa's case. I don't remember how long it took though? It didn't seem like it was very long in happening though. Like what Emmanuel said, (in other words of course) i'm beginning to think the Pope being a Saint will be a shoe-in. I am also thinking the next Pope might be a German--which I think would be a first? wouldn't it?

    Hi Chester, I too remember the assassination attempt on him but I never knew any details before such as what you just posted. Thanks for that. I say that was lucky of him. I remember that he forgave the assassin and he had also kissed him on the cheek or forehead? something like that.

    You know, another thing I greatly admire the Pope for is that he chose to be buried in a simple wooden casket. I sure hope his successor will be even 1/10th as great as John Paul II was.

    My first recollections of him was when I was in the 3rd grade at Epiphany Episcopol grade school. When he was being picked, the Nuns got everyone from all classes together gathered into the school's library where they had a TV set up in. I remember it took all morning and then we saw the white smoke meaning that they picked the next Pope. It really was a cool experiance for someone like me who is a Methodist.

    I also liked the fact that this Pope really was an open person and down to earth. I remember seeing news of him on vacation somewhere either hiking in the mountains or skiing somewhere. Also, I think it was about 5 or so years after he became Pope, that he published a comic book about his life. He did this in order to touch base with younger people. I read the comic but regret I never bought it.