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    Baby Sister,! Boy do I like to say that, it makes me feel like The Duke when I say Baby Sister. :cowboy: I did not think anyone would ask about the Book but the Publisher is doing the Final Edit and should be ready right after the first of the year, and will be called "Duke Stories." I do not think it will be a best seller, but may be some one will read it? :(

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    nathan; Yes Moab is still some what of a small town and EZ to get around in. :) Most of the film Rio Grande was filmed South of town along the Colorado River and you can still get to the Sites of the Filming Locations. Moab has a very good Visitors Center and can tell you just how to get to most of the Locations. :D

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    You are right she was Very Beautiful and still is, and now is in her mid 80s, 10 years older than me. She just left Scottsdale, Arizona where she spends the Winter months, for Ireland where she spends her Summers. Even now that she is a American she loves Ireland also.

    And you are also right about Ben Johnson, he was the best on Horse Back that any of us had ever seen! He had been the World Champion Cowboy before he went into Films. :cowboy:

    Duke called John Ford "Pappy" and looked on him as a Father Figure. Duke was a very big Star at that time, but as Maureen would say Duke would not do any thing that would Hurt Pappy!!! :angry:

    Yes Duke Was Bigger than Life. :D

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    I think I might have put up part of the making of the Rio Grande film on this Site a few months ago, but I have added a Story by Maureen O'Hara, that I did for the Maureen O'Hara web site some time back. :rolleyes: She talks about John Ford and his Weird ways. And his belittling of Duke and Ben Johnson and Herself. :headbonk:

    And for you Newer Members of this Site, I go on to tell about my "Very Small" part as one of the Horse Soldiers in the film that was done over 50 years ago. :fear2: If you want to read the Story you can go to RIO GRANDE And then just keep Clicking NEXT.

    As Maureen said, John Ford had become a VERY WEIRD MAN but He was still a Great Director!!! :agent:

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