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    Hi Keith, I have not seen anything that ever substantiated that she wasa real and was a love interest. ;-))

    Oh and, I think Maureen O' Hara has always been and is, a very beautiful woman. Also, I feel the same way about Olivia de Havilland. :D

    Hi Keith, glad you did not have to spend any funds on repair. Ahhh, saving your neighbors significant other, seems to have been a nice extra for you ;-)) I'm glad to hear that that incident at least turned out positive for all.

    Heh heh, well, every year I keep telling myself that this is the year I make the plunge and buy a computer. However, by Dec 31st, I am still without one. Actually, I can't really afford to buy one yet because of my health problems. The bills and meds I have to pay for are eating me alive. I'm lucky to be able to buy 2 DvDs a month now. Maybe in 2006?.....................

    Also, I have no cell phone either. I like the "land line" much better anyway. No blackouts and I don't have to worry about its battery quitting.

    I don't know where JF came up w/ Clementine and it was probably created (in his image of a pre-Maureen O'Hara character) but I know I am most likely wrong on this hypothesis.

    Oh I DEFINATELY miss the girls as well. :-)) I think they are fanstastic ladies and would be proud to fight for them. :cowboy:

    What is keeping me away so much lately are my many Drs appts, the high gas prices and now-the person I room with is (as of yesterday) in the ICU at Christus Spohn Shoreline Hospital in Corpus Christi. Some problems found out yesterday was that my friend has an enlarged heart with an irregular beat. The liver is damaged and there is liquid retention in some of the organs. I think things will end up OK but, definately will be much different.

    It's looking like now that my next chances to be here might be Thursday and Sat.

    I don't mind being the hospital patient but, going to visit a friend really is tough.

    This is interesting Keith now that I think about it. And I am glad that i'm being thought of as you are the third person today that has wondered where I have wondered off to. One person I have not heard from for a few years now but who was used to reading my posts on a historical website sent me a long and nice email.

    On my hospitalized friend. I think they will be doing more testing in the ICU for at least a day or so and then they will finally place him in a room of his own. I plan to go visit tomorrow afternoon and to sneak in some goodies. ;-))

    Take care my friend--Carl.

    Hi Keith, got ya a reply on that other thread and thankfully, everything here is back to normal. ;-))

    I think the Clementine thing is only in the Henry Fonda movie. I do not recall the name ever used with any other version of the Gunfight At the OK Corral.

    I would bet that Wyatt Earp in his later years was really quite a character and probably capable of coming up with some real tall tales. :)

    Hi Keith, I too thought the ending was a bit weak. I like the extended version better because we get to see more of Fonda, Bond and Brennan.

    I don't know if a Clementine was ever a part of Wyatt's life or not, that might be a good question to ask those people at the History Channel who make the show: Wild West Tech, which is alternately hosted by David & Keith Carradine.


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    I liked it all the way through and did like the changes to it though I do not remember the film much for what it used to be since its been many years since I last saw that version of it. :)


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    I just watched the alternate version of John Ford's My Darling Clementine. It restores some of the half hour of footage Darryl F Zanuck cut. It also restores parts of Ford original sound track. I found this version an improvement of the already ***** re-leased version of the movie. I hope someday Ford's actual director's cut will be found.

    Any one else seen this?


    Hi Zack, I saw this version. I managed to get the DvD about 2 months ago.