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    I wish I could remember the film that they were making all I seem to remember is I think it was in Hawaii. did the Duke film any War movies in Hawaii my Dad was stationed there in the 50s also my father served in the pacific during and after the war. :huh:

    web site is mom and dad are with God and jw both passed in 1995 dad pass 11 days after mom broken heart.

    [ATTACH]37]Hi all I am a big fan cause my mom and dad were they turn me on to wanye. My dad served in the Navy ww2 and he told me one time after the war they were making a jw film and that their ship was going to be in some of the shots my dad said all them navy boys got dress up in their navy blues and shined their shoes combed their hair they all thought they were going to be in a movie. he said their ship was so far back you could not see them. he laughed about this all the time. :lol: