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    Frankly I'm surprise that no one mentioned, Jean Auther in Lady Takes a Chance, and Donna Reed in Trouble Along the Way. These ladies were very classy and great with Duke. Anyway, I just wanted to mention these ladies.

    Cheers, Hondo B)


    Very interesting to hear that. I was not aware. Curious to know how you know that? Duke's bio didn't say anything about that, and did say the cast had problems with Ms. Page. Just interested.

    Hondo :unsure:

    Hey guys,

    What about Claire Trevor . She was in (4) four movies with Duke.

    Great chemistry in Stagecoach.
    Not so great in Alleghany Uprising, but a pretty good movie.
    The Dark Command, can't remember too much about that one (I'll have to watch that on again to refresh my memory).
    The High And The Mighty, what a great team in that movie.

    She was cool.

    Hondo ;)

    P.S. Great choices above, just wanted to add another one to the list.

    P.S.S. I'd pick to least favorites of Duke's female co-stars would be Geraldine Page. According to bio record of Duke, she was a broadway star coming to debut in the silver screen. She came in plain looking, and seem to believe that she didn't have to take a bath. She reeked of BO (body odor), and the cast could hardly stand to be around her, including Duke. They made fun of her behind her back, and Duke would never work with her again.