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    Originally posted by arthurarnell@Nov 28 2005, 02:01 AM
    In his book John Mitchum explains about the splinters incident. Apparently the device was rigged and Hawks told Mitchum it would be set off on the count of three, he then told the effects man to fire it after two. The look of surprise on Mitchums face wasn't acting.


    Hi Arthur -
    Thank you for that interesting bit of trivia. Hawks certainly made a good scene with that little trick!
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    Hi Folks -
    I watched "El Dorado" over the weekend. No matter how many times I watch it, I always get pleasure from it. The dark side <_< in me always enjoys John Mitchum (Robert Mitchum's brother) doing a turn as the bartender who collects splinters in his hand when Sheriff Harrah catches him reaching for a shotgun under the bar.
    BTW - John Mitchum also turned up as Clint Eastwood's partner in several of the "Dirty Harry" films.
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    I watched "Ride the High Country" with Joel McCrae and Randolph Scott last evening. Hadn't seen it in some time and had forgotten how good a western this was. Both principals played off one another with style. Scott retired after doing this movie and McCrae made only two other movies, I believe. Pretty much they decided to let this be their swan song and go out on top.
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    Hi Vera -
    No, the story supposedly took place in Arkansas and surrounding territory, but the actual filming was done in Colorado. Arkansas has no snow-capped peaks like you see in the film or even tall mountains as seen on the horizon where the story starts and ends.
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    Originally posted by SXViper@Nov 4 2005, 12:48 AM
    I just bought "True Grit" when I was down in Atlanta and watched in on my laptop when doing the airport thing. So that was my last western watched. I know, what a lamo for not having True Grit yet. Hey what can I say, I just never seemed to pick it up when I had the chance, I found it a store down in Marietta, it was $7.99, so I couldn't pass it up.


    Hi Viper -
    I only purchased my DVD of "True Grit" in September, so I'm lagging in my sensibilities too. I hadn't seen it in a long time, so watching it again brought back memories, plus I didn't realize what a good film this was. I thought the accolades for Duke was its main claim to fame, but the acting and characterizations were way above average, not to mention the photography (but Arkansas never looked like this).
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    Originally posted by Hondo Duke Lane@Nov 3 2005, 05:09 PM
    I purchased
    The Professionals a while back and seen it. I liked it. I enjoyed the cast and they worked together well.
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    I always thought that "The Professionals" was a great movie, Hondo. I purchased the widescreen DVD myself a few months ago and love the photography. The widescreen is especially beneficial during the last standoff that the full screen can't begin to approach.
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