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    We had a WWII vet who recently passed at 89. He has been featured in the Montgomery Alabama Newspaper for years not including this past year around the December 7th anniversary of the attack of Pearl Harbor.

    He was stationed there when the Japanese came to town. I guess that made him around 21 years old. Anyway his name is Billy Golson. Not sure where he was or what ship he was on, but he was Navy. I wll check into that. His wife passed back in December due to an extened illness.

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    Hi Hondo, I had not heard about any WWI vets passing recently and I HOPE he was not ours-because that would be the last known American WWI Veteran. . . . . . . . . . .

    I think it was in Europe. I heard that he was the last in his country. I'm sorry I don't know where it was but it was sometime at the first of this month. It was announced on the news and I was half way listening when I heard it.

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    I heard about this on Friday evening on the news. It was amazing that he was (I heard) 13 years old. Even if his mother's had signed a waver for him to enlist, how could they let him in at an early age? That is too young, and this was the 20th century. He is a hero and dedicated person. Some of those men and women today should know about this boy who loved his country and stop complaining about this country.

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    That was very interesting, and I admire your tribute of Captain Richard Wallace Annand V.C. I again am sorry for our lost treasure in this world. It seems that almost all the heros of that era are gone, and I just hope that we truly appreciate their contribution for the freedom and elimination of the evil. Even though I was not around at the time of WWII, I know that we owe a lot to those who were fighting, and helping out for our fighting men.

    I also thank Arthur for the followup information as well. I feel like I received a great history lesson. Just don't quiz me! :mellow:

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