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    Originally posted by William T Brooks@Jun 11 2005, 09:19 PM
    Stumpy; You sound as bad as me in the early 1950 as a Young Kid wanting to burn the Whole World up. :angry: Boy am I glad that is over!!! :headbonk:

    Bill :cowboy:


    Well, Bill, before I married and got tamed by my wonderful wife, I was a hell raiser almost without equal. But that is all in the past. Now I'm a responsible citizen. :lol:

    The page showing the Bacardi 151 says that it can be ignited for a flaming drink.

    That reminds me of a humorous incident. When I was a young, unmarried soldier in Germany the first time (1959-'62), I used to hang out with my buddies in night clubs and bars a lot. There was a German liquor called Escorial (spelling?) that we would ignite and then snuff the flame with our mouth as we drank, which greatly impressed the bar girls.

    One night we were in a bar with some girls and showing off by drinking flaming Escorial. The girls were drinking small bottles of champaigne, called piccolos. My girl got about half-drunk and decided she wanted to try my trick of drinking flaming Escorial. So I bought her a glass, lit it with my cigarette lighter and watched as she tipped it up and started to drink. The problem was, she didn't snuff the flame as she put it to her mouth. The drink ran down her bosom and caught the front of her dress on fire. She and the other girls began screaming, while my buddies and I were roaring with laughter. Finally I grabbed a beer and poured it down her front, quenching the flames. The bar was pure pandemonium by this time. Naturally, the bar owner was greatly upset and threw us out of the place.

    Actually, Emmanuel, it's 151 proof , as this page shows. Pretty strong stuff.

    I was stationed in Puerto Rico from 1976 until 1978. One weekend the wife and I hosted 6 or 7 Royal Marines who were training on a nearby island. We began drinking that Bacardi 151 about 1900 Friday evening. By 2030 those guys were climbing the coconut trees in my yard. And by 2130 they were all passed out. I wasn't because I had drank sparingly - I knew what the stuff could do. :P


    Originally posted by William T Brooks@Jun 10 2005, 01:13 PM
    I think he told us that it was about 150 Proof, :fear2: and I think what you get at the store is about 80 Proof. :stunned: Correct me if that is not right?

    I think technically, Bill, it's possible to distill 200 proof moonshine which, as you know, would be pure 100 percent alcohol. But I'd be verrrrrry reluctant to drink anything that stout, for fear I'd go blind or something.

    The strongest liquors I've ever drank were a rum in Puerto Rico (might even have been Bacardi) that was 150 proof, and a plum brandy in Europe called Slivowitz that was about the same proof. Both of 'em had me howlin' at the moon. :lol:


    Originally posted by Emmanuel@Jun 10 2005, 09:27 AM
    On this side of the pond we call "Moonshine" "Poteen", I had a wee bit of it last weekend while I was down in County Kerry, Boy they know how to make that stuff down there. I had a hangover for 2 days.

    I've never had a hangover drinking 'shine. I haven't had any for several years but the last I drank was just as clear as water and went down about as smooth. But when it hit bottom, WOW!


    Originally posted by SXViper@Jun 9 2005, 09:38 PM
    I didn't care for it much. but what I did like in Subic Bay was Bull Frog or MoJo.

    When were you in Subic, Viper? I was there in 1956 and again in 1958. Olangapo wasn't one of my favorite liberty ports. :lol:

    I never tried that Bullfrog or Mojo. Must be something fairly new because as I said, I've tried most things with alcohol. Oh, the stories I could tell about my adventures in the Navy......of course, they wouldn't be suitable for mixed company. :lol:


    Originally posted by Emmanuel@Jun 9 2005, 10:29 AM
    I've drank Tequila a few times, Boy does it give you a bad head.

    You guys (and gals) don't know what a bad head is. :lol:

    During my 67 years, I've sampled, at one time or another, just about every kind of liquor on this planet and some of them gave you a hellacious hangover.

    One of the worst was a Phillippine beer named San Miguel that I drank as a young sailor oh so many years ago. Someone said that one of the ingredients was formaldehyde and I sure did believe that because the next morning I felt as if I'd been pickled. :lol:

    Probably the worst stuff for a hangover though was ginseng wine, which I had a sample of in Vietnam (1966). Some Korean soldiers came into our camp scrounging for lumber with which to build bunkers. We told them we'd trade lumber for any kind of liquor they had. They gave us several bottles of this ginseng wine, all of which had a ginseng root in the bottle. Two or three of us drank about 3 bottles of that stuff and I swear, the next morning I wanted to die and was afraid I wouldn't. :lol: Not only a hangover but my mouth tasted as if someone had taken a big dump in it. Terrible stuff, that ginseng wine.


    Originally posted by smokey@Jun 8 2005, 08:51 AM

    oh stumpy sorry to hear that you had to give up the hard stuff looks like its soft drink for you well look on the bright side you are always the one who dont make a fool of himself you get to sit back and watch the others :lol:
    cheers smokey

    The cloud has a silver lining. I used to spend more than a hundred dollars a month for liquor. Now I have that much more money to spend on DVDs. :D

    Alas, I can't drink alcohol any more because of various medicines I'm taking for health problems but until about two years ago, I went through at least a half-gallon of 90 proof bourbon a week. I also drank it very strong. Sure do miss it.