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    Today I watched a colourized German version of the movie. It looked fine in full color,
    I liked this war movie because of the background of the characters. It´s not only a war movie, it´s a great personal drama too. But my favourite John Wayne war movie still ist They were Expendable.

    A man after my own heart! They Were Expendable is also my favorite JW war movie.

    Last night, for my birthday, we watched a Republic colorized version of Sands of Iwo Jima. It was on an older VHS tape that we have . . . I discovered that I don't have it on DVD. Plus, I'm not sure if you can get it on DVD in a colorized version. I'll have to do a little research. I have known several people over the years that had been in the initial assault on Iwo Jima. Generally, they are one of three or four out of over a hundred in their company who survived, usually with bullet wounds.

    Many people of today have no concept of what sacrifices were made at Iwo Jima and elsewhere during WWII.

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    Is Deep Discount an american store . . . ?
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    You know, it is. I forgot you are in the UK (sorry 'bout that :yeaahh:). DukePilgrim, ethanedwards, arthurarnell, and Robbie can probably direct you to good sources in your area. I don't know how the AmazonUK prices compare to the US version.

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    Deep Discount DVD has several options (individually and part of a two pack), as well as four posters (the fourth one down is the one that hangs over our computer :D ).

    Amazon offers it in both DVD and VHS.

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    You absolutely should own this movie. Check the prices at Deep Discount and Amazon, and compare to the prices you are seeing in the stores. It's highly affordable, and should be a part of any John Wayne fan's collection. As you probably already know, it is one of the few films in which his character dies.

    If you haven't already read this thread from the beginning, it is a great discussion that touches on many things. Reading it makes me want to break out the movie and watch it again . . . but I do have some work I have to get to :headbonk: . . . (getting ready to sign off soon) . . . maybe tonight . . .

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    My grandfather told me he never saw a pilot over the age of thirty through six years of war, yet Wayne and Ryan were in their forties.

    Was that in the European theater or in the Pacific. I think the Pacific had older pilots.

    Also, I think folks from the US are a little more forgiving of the films technical
    problems, as this film commemorates the bloodiest battle Americans fought
    during WW-2.

    The flag raising scenes at the end, bring a tear to many an American's eye.

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    . Have to admit the first time I watched Sands of Iwo Jima I wasnt overally impressed but with each viewing it has raised my opinion of it. One of JW's best performances.Mike

    I've found that to be true, also, as I've watched John Wayne movies, quite often, I like them more and more, as I watch again and again. :teeth_smile:

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    Did anyone see this film on AMC Monday (Labor Day)? I didn't see the whole thing, but the portion of the movie I saw was edited in a stupid way. It was the part when the troops discover JW drunk outside the bar, they said something like, "Let him fend for himself" and then right after that the shore patrol were coming up the street and the troops actually helped cover for him while the shore patrol went by, but they cut that part out of the film. Makes me wonder what else got cut. Hopefully, they left in the part near the end where they raised the flag on top of Mt. Suribachi. :glare:

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    With permission, I share with you Clive Woollands' Film Facts for this fine film ~

    Its that time again friends for another film fact. This time it is for the classic war film, Sands of Iwo Jima.

    Producer: Edmund Grainger, Screenplay: Harry Brown, James Edward
    Grant, Cinematographer: Reggie Lanning, Art Director: James Sullivan,
    Editor: Richard L Van Enger, Distribution: Republic Pictures,
    Location: California, Cost of Production: $1 million, Box office
    takings (US): $3.9 million, Date of production: 1949.

    Harry Brown won an Oscar for his screenplay for war film A Walk in the Sun (1945). He'd written for John Wayne once before, Wake of the Red Witch (1948). He went on to write the screenplay for the original version of Ocean 11 (1960).

    Richard Jaeckel, who played Private Frank Flynn, went on to star in another classic war movie. He was Sergeant Bowren in The Dirty Dozen (1967).

    Despite rating him as one of the four best directors he ever worked with, John Wayne never made another film with director Allen Dwan. Dwan continued directing until the early 1960's. He died on 30th December 1981 at the age of 96.


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    This is from my starting post,



    By Jove, my friend, there it is . . . I thought I read your whole post, but I guess I missed that little piece . . . :rolleyes: . . . what can I say . . . ?

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    By sheer coincidence, my grandson ws asking about Iwo Jima this morning (inspired by the poster over the computer). I did a quick Google search, and one of the links led me HERE. I learned a little piece of trivia - when John Wayne did his prints at Graumann's Chinese Theatre, the cement had black sand from Iwo Jima (scroll down a little on the page to see the picture).

    Anyway, just wanted to share that.

    The original web site, BTW, is Iwo Jima.

    Have a great day!

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    I just had to jump in here and mention that it's one of our favorite movies, too, and our repro movie poster (framed) of Sands of Iwo Jima is hanging over our computer desk, for us to reflect upon every now and then.

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