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    I read Bradleys book and it was one of the best books I've ever read. It will affect you like no other. About Ira Hayes, most of his problems stemmed from the fact that he could never get over the loss of so many friends on Iwo and the fact that he lived and became famous because of the flag raising. When he and the others were brought home to go on a war bond tour, he didn't like it. He thought he was undeserving of being hailed a hero when he had friends buried on the island. He eventually begged to be let off the our and go back to active duty. I think he was wishing that he would also die so the pain of loss and sorrow would be taken off him.
    Gagnon, on the other hand, loved the fame it brought him and always thought that he deserved more and a better way of life because of that one moment in time. He never achieved it. Like you said, he ended up a janitor when he wished for status and fame.
    Bradley is probably the only one who put it all into perspective. He never talked about his part in the flag raising or even his heroism on Iwo Jima. He kept it all to himself, even his nightmares. Whenever his wife, kids or, friends asked about Iwo, all he would say, "it was a job I had to do along with alot of other guys a long time ago". If you haven't read the book, do so, it's absolutely fantastic and with Eastwood directing the film version, it should be a big hit.

    P.S. I you want to see a photo of the flag raising scene from the movie, go to and click on the photo bar and you'll see it. It looks so much like the real thing it's uncanny. Eastwood has it down to a T.

    I've read the book Flags Of Our Fathers by James Bradley, son of one of the flag raisers, John Bradley. If you haven't read it, do so, very good , very moving and, will affect you in many ways. It's being made into a movie and is currently being filmed. Stephen Speilberg is producing and Clint Eastwood is directing and last I heard, it'll be out late next summer. You can check more on it at or