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    A bunch of us have and agree wholeheartedly with you. It usually sells out rapidly STILL. I play it as background to post music, LOL! Glad you liked it Dukesfan. Do you think you could do me a big favor and put that in the Group Watch. You might look back over it....some good screen catches in it although you might have to go back a few pages. Still have half a month on Hatari. Haven't got to the good stuff really yet. And there are sketch prizes. If you win something and you don't see a sketch you would like, send me the one you want.

    HAGO, Keith (or Lady Hawk as Gorch and Dooley have dubbed me, LOL)

    Might check out the sketch page....I MAY have found something in the end of THE SHOOTIST that no one has ever seen. OR NOT, LOL!

    Sorry Peter, I know you were looking forward to it. KP

    Finally got round to listening to the new CD release of Sands of Iwo Jima.
    Unfortunately the source material seems to be from the film and it is quite poor.
    Obviously in mono and very flat. Shame but not anything they could do more with the original material.
    It'd be great to have a re-recording similar to the fantastic 3 disc Alamo release.

    Thanks again Keith. Watched it again. Two dead hero Dukes in one night....a bit much. But it was excellent. Even without the Troupe, you really got to know a lot of the guys......characters were developed very well, I thought.
    I always liked Forrest Tucker in dramas....I am not really into straight comedies. But, once, he finished a flick, (could have been The Wild McCullochs?), and met us all down in Puerto Rico for a fundraiser golf tournament already begun. So, since he was a friend of Gibbons, he followed Gibbons on the course and then he joined us for cocktails and our large table for dinner. He tried to get into the casino the first night with a Plantation shirt on. The "guards" wouldn't let him in. He was furious and let everyone know that his shirt cost more than all the suits the guards were wearing. But, he finally ended up going to his room, putting on a sport coat and tie, LOL. I was excited to be touring Old San Juan down the mountain with friends the day after the tournament. But Forrest insisted that we stay and play golf with him. Well, I had played that course for 6 days, and I wanted to go with the guys. But Gibbons, being the golf fanatic he was overruled me. I ruined the whole day by playing from the same tees as Forrest. I beat him on the front and also out drove him a few times, (I weighed 112 pounds and he was 6'4"). That did it. On the back he began berating me for calling Harold Gibbons by his last name. He said it was disrespectful. I told him all his FRIENDS called him that. Gibbons just laughed and said, "Forrest, when you and I move in together, and Keith moves out, I will make Keith call me Harold. Until then, knock it off, will ya?" Well, he beat me on the back nine, but I beat him on the 18 holes. Most importantly, for those of you who know golf, I beat him on all the presses, close to the holes and birdies.....quite a large sum of money, LOL! So, I have not cared for Forrest for a long time. But after watching IWO JIMA a few times, and thinking of other movies that I thought he had won my heart in, I just can't help but like him. So, a long delayed feud is finally over. Wonder if he knows? Hope so. KPKEITH