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    You know, H.sanada...I'm really starting to envy you your collection. You have a lot of very nice Duke related mememtos. I don't have any movie posters, but I do have a few Press Books in my collection. We all have a little collector in us, don't we? :wink_smile:


    In the world,there must be a moe terrible collector.and i had never met JW besides
    on screen.(so,i envy W.T.Brooks or others in USA )
    However, I'll introduce my little collection as much as i can to young JWMB members
    who have common interest.It's my pleasure.

    Well,as you teached me ,i put my photo in "My gallery" and link it in my post.
    But, photo is not seen, linked underline is just seen. i cant figure out. why?


    Hi everyone,
    Around 1975 still CD has not spread generally, i purchased the Record
    that an original sound track recording of The Horse Soldiers.
    this LP was suddenly released in Japan through United Artists Recording.
    The score by David Buttolph is a clever use of Civil War standards and
    orijinal compostions.
    A side list is 1 Dixie 2I Left My Love 3 Lorena 4 Bonnie Blue Flag 5 I Left My Love
    6When Jonny Comes Marching Home.
    B side is 1Bonnie Blue Flag 2 The Girl I Left Behind 3 Deep River-Lorena 4Kingdom Coming 5 Tenting Tonight 6By the Campfire 7 When Jonny Comes Marching.

    When I sometimes hear this record,I lomg for this movie.
    sorry,i attached wrong photo,but nice photo.
    below this,record jacket photo.