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    One of my favourites William Holden Movie :wink: All moments between Holden and Duke are marvellous and worth to watch The Horse Soldiers.
    It's a pity that John Ford didn't made something like a Civil War Trilogy with Duke as he did with him with the great Cavalry Trilogy.

    A scene with children in war is always disturbing. That's why John Ford put it into the movie to show the terror of war. Don't know many movies which shows children fighting in wars. Another I'm thinking of is the German Classic "Die Brücke" aka The Bridge which shows children soldiers in WW 2.

    I watched recently a TV (German) version of The Horse Soldiers. Then I compared it with my Region-2 DVD. What a disappointment. The picture on the DVD is zoomed and sligthly butchered left and right so there are some information's missing. Something like I just don't like. Unfortunately I didn't recorded the TV Version.

    I think your region 2 version is a bootleg or a non authorized version as the region 1 that I have is a widescreen presentation with no zooming of the scenes. I think Elle mentioned something about converting your dvd player to a all region player, maybe ask her how it is done and try to get the regino 1 version.

    Wow that's a heap of praise you threw on this film DukePilgrim.

    Not one to disagree with you as I like the film as well but, my biggest problem is the ending, to me it just seemed unfinished, like there was something that happened but it was cut out. And for that reason alone I cannot put it above Fort Apache, Rio Grande maybe, but not Fort Apache.