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    Watched this in bed last night and ended up staying up until it was over. I think it's a great character study of Col. Marlowe. You see how his opinion about people and even professions evolve throughout the film, but what is never lost is his commitment to fulfill the mission. I think that is my takeaway from the ending. It's not just about the destination, but the journey getting there that defines us. John Wayne's character was not so narrow minded that he could not reflect and in some cases alter how he viewed certain things in his life. But he also understood why he was there and didn't let those other issues make him question what he was doing. I think it;s a very smart movie.

    This film falls under that category I like to call atmospheric installments. I LOVE the costumes, the casting, and the settings. It's eye candy that is fun to watch and just immerse myself in. Fun story, light-hearted moments, and a sense that the cast is having a ball sounds like a good way to spend my afternoon or evening,