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    Hello and Welcome to the forum, Nidan53.

    I have read the book, The Horse Soldiers, and really enjoyed it. I always try to read every book I can find that were made into films starring John Wayne. Some are pretty close to the film versions and others vary greatly. I enjoy reading the books because they always have more detail than can be put in a 2 hour film.


    I also agree. She is a looker either way, but prettier with her hair down.

    The picture above with her beside her horse looks odd. She looks to be levitating. She must have been jumping off her horse, but looks like she is just floating there.


    I'll try to explain how I do it. It may not be the correct way, but it works. I go to the picture I want to add from my gallery, and highlight (double-click on) the address next to the BB Code IMG slot. Then I click "copy" and go back to the post I am working on and click on the "Add Photo Icon" in the menue bar and paste the address in the space provided. Now here's the trick...the address will look something like this...

    What I do is delete the [img] in front and the [img/] in the back of the address. Then when you ok the popup, the picture will appear in your post. I hope this helps.

    If there is an easier way that another member knows of, jump in and let us know. I'm always looking to learn.:teeth_smile:


    P.S. I just learned something while attempting to show you how to do this. If you just cut and paste the address directly with the [img] and [img/] intact into the post, the picture appears as it should when you post it. Hmmm. Try it either way, H.sanada and one or the other should work. I hope I didn't confuse you.

    You know, H.sanada...I'm really starting to envy you your collection. You have a lot of very nice Duke related mememtos. I don't have any movie posters, but I do have a few Press Books in my collection. We all have a little collector in us, don't we? :wink_smile: