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    Hi Viper & Arthur

    I know praise from me it is a rarity LOL

    I do genuinely believe this film deserves it. It is extremely well crafted and
    detailed and was Ford's major attempt at a Civil War movie.

    I know that Ford basically went off on a bender after Fred Kennedy's death and that in most people eyes the film was cut short by his lack of interest.

    However when you look at the film what else was there to add to the movie apart from a happy wrap i.e. A triumphant return to the Union Army after a successful mission. A reuniting of Marlowe and Constance after the war . We know these things are going to happen its just that we don’t see it.

    I would be of the opinion that Ford had the film already planned in his head much like directors like Hitchcock. There may have been little touches here or there but very little would have been added.

    Also, remember that Horse Soldiers runs at 119 minutes so it is not a short movie.

    I think the fact that the movie got poor reviews on its release and the knowledge that Ford lost interest has built up the mystique that the director was planning more for this movie than ever filmed.