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    I've watched it again and it's very difficult to make out. Not being an expert in stunt falls it's really hard to tell. Regarding the Duke's reaction in the earlier scene it does seem a little extreme for what was going on but my take on it is that that was the Duke doing his thing.
    Obviously this is all personal opinion and someone else may see it differently.

    Dang Peter, you make me sound as if I am a bother. Thought we were supposed to see things like this and pass them on to learn. Thanks anyway, handsome feller! KPKEITH

    It's called friendly teasing over here in the UK.:wink_smile:
    I've watched the bridge crossing bit but not sure I see what you have described in your latest post?

    That has been what has bothered me I am afraid. If so, they, of course changed it around. But Duke and the DOC where standing by the cabin. I thought I saw the fatal fall across the bridge over where the rebel cannons were.......but, maybe that wasn't it. Thanks all, KPKEITH

    Agreed, I also remember thinking that the fall is visible in the film. A sad story.

    At the same time after she offers him more chicken, she puts her hand on his and he pulls his away and looks around to see if anyone else saw. I guess NOBODY saw that crazy look on his face that I referred to a few posts back. was SO out of character, I can't imagine why he did it! I can't believe it got left in the picture! KPKEITH

    You've def got a thing about this look! :wink_smile:
    I'm going to have to put it on again just to catch it!

    [quote='BatjacAuburn','']You Old Hands already know this but for those who haven't seen it

    This is a limited edition print done by renowned Civil War (and American history) artist Don Stivers. You can match it to one of the photos earlier in the thread. I understand that this is the only time in Stiver's profligate career that he released a print based on a movie. Most of his work was done based on historical events with the occasional romanticized portarit of an individual with no name who symbolized a type of character. Commander/First Sergeant/Bugler/Soldier departing or returning home, etc./QUOTE]

    thanks for posting, I'd never seen his work before, it's amazing.

    In my opinion Constance Towers is mis-cast and lets the side down with her performance, although she does deliver the funniest line in the film: " Care for some more leg or breast? as she leans over the table with the lowest cut top. The Duke replies "No thank you mam, I've had quite enough".