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    Oh Bill, I have NEVER seen some of these at all..........they are GREAT!
    How's your foot, OLD MAN, (I can call him that..we are the same age, LOL)?
    You amaze me more every day.

    Sure would like to see a pic on Ford Point, (think that was it........anyway it was large and flat), in The Searchers after Ethan has just taken at look at the Indian encampment and returned to the Reverend. They were very close to each other in a close up of their faces almost. Also, I think the huge close-up of Duke was just before that when he whistled. If you find them, send them on, LOL.

    Sometimes I hope your foot doesn't get well too soon.......not very nice of me, in fact downright SELFISH! Hope you are categorizing everything as you go and saving the pics offsite besides Photobucket and your computer.

    Yes. That's the very beautiful Anna Lee, who co-starred with JW in "Flying Tigers"

    She was a favorite of Pappy Ford, appearing in many of his films. She was Mrs. Collingwood in Fort Apache.

    Yep, favorite of mine too. I wanted SO for her to go after her husband when she got the notice of his appointment to the Point. KEITH
    Dang she doesn't look like Mrs. Collingwood there! Sure nuff time to watch the Horse Soldiers again!

    Great Bill.
    REALLY love the color one....Looks like Sgt. Major there had a snootfull of that Who Hit John the night before. Was upset when he took Jack Pennick's spot, but I ended up liking him in the part. KEITH

    LOL Mark, I saw that too. Then I was sure it was when she was getting down to go to Lukey after she was shot. isn't. It is when the two Confederate deserters were found by Russell Simpson and they had caught HIM at the old barn. She slid off her horse to go to him. Does look a bit strange, doesn't it, LOL! So now you know, Pard!

    Congrats on your win. Hope you will like your sketch!

    HAGO, Keith By the way, I am sure she looks good however her hair is, but I prefer to think about the men and theirs, LOL. Sure wish they had done a better job with Duke's toupee.....especially in the back. I know folks who have them and you would never know.......they even go swimming with them!

    He would have been perfect in the top sergeant part. To me, the part screamed for a more familiar face in the part.

    Must have been a reason they pulled Jack Pennick with the Malaria bit, but, although I was a bit upset with the new fellah coming in, I quite enjoyed his performance. Any of the others would have had more pomp and circumstance, I would think. He was a bit slip shod. But, he always seemed to do his job well and be ahead of his orders, usually.
    I, of course, thought of Ward, but then, he was a too old and thoroughly entrenched in the MAJOR Adams character.

    Yep Wtrayah, however there was quite a bit of the company in there. I didn't like Mclaglin at first, and am still probably spelling his name wrong, but that big guy just grows on ya. He wiggles his way into your heart. I LOVED him in Ft. Apache. He was so proud of Lt. Michael O'Rourke! And the looks he gave, as when he was coming out of the guard house and Ward was stripping his rank. I almost took it personally when all of those great guys died all because of Colonel Friday. Shoot, I almost stopped loving Henry Fonda, LOL. May I ask what is Wtrayah for and how do you pronounce it? I am sure it is something that I should readily know. As Duke would say,
    "Life is tough, but it's tougher when you're stupid."
    Are you getting a bunch of pop up ads while you are posting? Just started with me a few days and has caused me to lose some posts. Hope I don't have a "bug" in my 'puter! KPKEITH

    OK, I bow to the Masters, LOL. Just never have seen him look like that in that type of situation, even when troopers were killed. To me, unless there was another reason, for Duke it was overacting.

    But, I shall cease and desist! KP Thanks for looking, Dooley, Ethan, and Robbie!

    Hi Robbie, Dooley and I had been doing PMs about this until I posted it here.
    "Well goodness, the main thing was seeing Marlowe and DOC standing together and watching the last scout coming over fall off his horse, Chuck Hayward by the way. THAT is when Duke has that scared to death look.....Frame by frame! I tease you friendly also my big buddy!" What I said to Dooley.

    After the brigade came to the bridge and cabin, scouts were sent across the bridge. Duke was talking to Constance when shooting broke out. He sent her off and ended up standing next to Doc who had just ridden up on horseback....this is all Just Before Duke got shot....firing broke out and the scouts were coming back across the bridge. Doc and Duke were standing together when they saw the scouts coming back into unfriendly fire. Doc says, "Looks like they got us in a trap". Duke yelled something I haven't figured out yet. Then, Hayward did his fall just after he got off the bridge. Doc immediately started running to get him while Duke just stood there with his mouth half opened. Then Duke's expression turned to one of terror. Colonels hate to see their men possibly hurt, but I don't believe they look like that.......maybe if a whole regiment was wiped out or something. Then Doc and Duke both went to get him and bring him to the cabin. Next Duke, on the porch steps says, "Cpt. Woodard, MOVE" and runs into the open space where he is shot in the lower leg.
    Well, Robbie, that should give you the exact place. It is very near the end of the movie. Have a super day, and let us know if it was the wrong place. Maybe I am just crazy.....well, we already KNEW that! KPKEITH

    Thanks for your comment Robbie. Did you watch it frame by frame? I never thought much of it until I did. And Duke just stood there a split second looking after Doc has already started moving.

    Thanks for posting it Jim. Can save my Netflix orders for other movies on that one! KP

    I just watched that look John Wayne gives, personally I think it is perfectly understandable in the context of witnessing a comrade falling off his horse under fire. The look is even all that dramatic and I don't think there is anything to read into here.

    Yep, great movie, Wtrayah!. I DID watch it every day for about a month......finding extras, stunt guys, uncrediteds, etc. But, I would have to watch it just all the way through with no stops once in a while for the pure enjoyment of it.
    Wonder how it would have ended out?

    Well goodness, the main thing was seeing Marlowe and DOC standing together and watching the last scout coming over fall off his horse, Chuck Hayward by the way. THAT is when Duke has that scared to death look.....Frame by frame! I tease you friendly also my big buddy!

    The other is a fall of Kennedy's or someone who really looks like him and that is over at the cannons when the whole brigade went over to fight them.

    It's called friendly teasing over here in the UK.:wink_smile:
    I've watched the bridge crossing bit but not sure I see what you have described in your latest post?

    Dang Peter, you make me sound as if I am a bother. Thought we were supposed to see things like this and pass them on to learn. Thanks anyway, handsome feller! KPKEITH

    Hey KPKieth, I'm going to look now on my Blu ray copy just to keep you happy!
    I'll report back on here in a while!:wink_smile:

    I was certain I had found was Fred's face 99% sure. But it doesn't go with what I have heard of the fall. The one I saw, right after the handsome gung ho Major gets shot and crawls under the wagon by the wheel, Fred begins his fall before he gets to the torch carrier, (with which to touch off the cannon ). He puts both arms around the man, (falling off the left of his horse), and he is still partially on his horse....believe the left foot is in the stirrup and the right up on the saddle. They both fall to stage left, the direction Fred's horse is traveling, and you see them almost hit the ground. This MUST have been one of Fred's other horse falls in the movie. However, I thought that Ford gave him the ONE ONLY as he was getting older because he said he needed money......hence Pappy's EXTRA problems over the fatal fall beside the fact that they had been good friends for many years. I tried to see the person behind him because he said he was right there, he started to fall, his horse shied from the fire, and he landed on his head. It was not in the scene. Hope some others will give this a frame by frame look and see why they think Duke looked like that....very scary. Thanks Peter, and I HOPE a bunch more of you. KPKEITH

    Agreed, I also remember thinking that the fall is visible in the film. A sad story.

    Why Jim, Hunny, do you mean the one with the "breast or the leg" one?

    Watch it BUSTER, I have my eye on you while Sue is away, and I ain't no Constance Towers, I can assure you!

    SOMEBODY look at it....wish a LOT of you would! I've only asked about a million times! Wondering if DUKE really SAW the actual fatal accident of Fred Kennedy. I can think of NO other reason for that crazed look! Also can't understand why the producers didn't take it has no place in the movie scene! Make sure you frame by frame it.

    I posted my silly ol' answer for the Group Watch, Jim Hunny. Just in case you get a few hours to read it. Yes, afraid my verbosity just flittered away from me again, Dahlin'!

    That has been what has bothered me I am afraid. If so, they, of course changed it around. But Duke and the DOC where standing by the cabin. I thought I saw the fatal fall across the bridge over where the rebel cannons were.......but, maybe that wasn't it. Thanks all, KPKEITH

    OH GOOD. Yes, this has bothered me considerably. I figured if I kept mentioning it, somebody knowlegable would finally check it for me. Should have known it would be you Peter, as I mentioned that the out of character expression was similar to the ones of Island in the Sky! Beside, you are just a good, nice fellah to help to ease this old Lady's mind!

    It is after they are settling in at the bridge and the scouts sent across it come galloping back as gunfire is beginning to break out and soldiers are diving for cover in a ditch. (I may be a little off there, but I have already sent it back and cannot check) can't miss it though. Colonel Marlowe and Doc are standing together. The last of the scouts, actually Good Chuck does a horse fall just off the bridge....looked OK to me. Marlow and Doc look and then Marlowe gets this terrified look on his face and he and Doc go to get the fallen soldier, now an older partially bald man, and bring him in to the safety of the cabin. The only POSSIBLE explanation I can think of is that Fred Kennedy had already performed his fatal horse fall, and Duke was worried about Chuck. Just doesn't seem to "fit my pistol" though. So, you see what YOU think Peter. Thanks SO MUCH, KPKEITH

    You've def got a thing about this look! :wink_smile:
    I'm going to have to put it on again just to catch it!