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    Originally posted by falc04@Dec 24 2005, 11:25 AM
    If there is, no one seems to know about it. This Columbia picture, along with 'Three Girls Lost', are on the list of John Wayne films that appear lost forever.


    I agree, that was my assumption too!!

    Girls Demand Excitement is a 1931 film starring
    Virginia Cherrill, John Wayne, and Marguerite Churchill.
    Wayne and Churchill had starred in the widescreen Western epic
    The Big Trail the previous year.
    The movie was written by Harlan Thompson and directed by Seymour Felix.

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    If you haven't seen it, don't bother!
    by bensonj (New York, NY)

    John Wayne is quoted as saying that this was his worst film, and is the Duke ever right! It should be titled "Girls Demand Their Money Back," because there's not an ounce of excitement or anything else. This is a totally inept film in every category, and features that deadly slow dialogue generally only found in films made a year or two earlier: "Say...(pause)'re not coming to pause)...are you?" Apparently the idea was to make a college sex farce, but there's absolutely no sex and no farce. Sample: Spinster psychology teacher tests kissing in class, using blood pressure meter. She tries it herself and her meter goes way up. Ha, ha. Then the gals challenge the guys to a basketball game. Apparently the idea was that they'd distract the guys with their costumes, but the costumes are so modest that I didn't catch the point until the end of the game. One can see the temptation to theatrically program a rare Wayne film that also stars Virginia Cherrill (and which was released the same week as her classic performance as the blind girl in CITY LIGHTS!), but this isn't just dull, it's just absolutely pathetic and incompetent in every way. It should only be shown in fan-boy living rooms.




    Plot Summary
    Peter Brooks is a hard-working, hard-up college student
    whose dislike of women attending college weakens
    under the amorous advances of spoiled socialite coed Joan Madison.

    Full Cast
    Virginia Cherrill ... Joan Madison
    John Wayne ... Peter Brooks
    Marguerite Churchill ... Miriam
    Edward J. Nugent ... Tommy
    Helen Jerome Eddy ... Gazella Perkins
    Terrance Ray ... Sheik Nevins
    Martha Sleeper ... Harriet Mundy
    William Janney ... Freddie
    Ralph Welles ... Simeon
    George Irving ... Mr. Madison
    Winter Hall ... The Dean
    Marion Byron ... Margery
    Ray Cooke ... Jimmie (uncredited)
    Carter Gibson ... Freshman (uncredited)
    Jerry Mandy ... Joe (uncredited)
    Addie McPhail ... Sue Street (uncredited)
    Emerson Treacy ... Bobby Cruikshank (uncredited)

    Writing Credits
    Harlan Thompson writer

    Charles G. Clarke

    John Wayne considered this his worst movie.

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