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    Ward was THE man throughout his career, but it seems that in the "Golden" year of 1939, he was in EVERYTHING!!

    He needs much more recognition...

    OK...I see where I "went astray!"

    I have ALWAYS gotten those two productions confused with each other!

    Thanks to both of you for "squaring me away!"

    Yep - I thought that's when it was. That's why he has the crutch during the movie.

    Thank goodness for that orderly, and that he was a movie fan!!

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the incident where he had a serious car accident in Hollywood (might have been in the late 30's, but could have been during They Were Expendable) and was rushed to the ER. They didn't know who he was, and a knife-happy quack wanted to cut his leg off, but a VERY alert orderly spoke up and advised someone to call the studios, whereupon someone came down and stopped the amputation from occurring!