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    As long as we're talking about Ward Bond...does anyone know if any of the footage still exists of Father Lonaghin's conversation with Michelien Flynn that was cut from very early in The Quiet Man. I know teh scene was cut because it was a discussion of the Padre's gambling debts but I wondered if anyone had ever seen it or at least the script for dialogue.

    I am not as much ofan over all movie buff as most of you and am most familiar with Bond's work with Duke but one of my all time favorite scenes in a Duke movie doesn't even have Duke in it. The conversation between Lieutenant Colonel Thursday and Sergeant Major O'Rourke about how Mickey "happened to get into West Point" in Fort Apache is classic with the old Irish trooper getting the best of the aristocratic Colonel while being completely respectfull in tone all the while.

    There was a thread on the front page last week about the movies that Duke died in and then I watched Rio Bravo over the weekend and it got me to thinking about how many times Ward had died in Duke movies.

    I guess we just have to think about CPO Boats like Duke's Captain in Sea Chase. Hope they made it. :^)

    Here's a question for everyone. Everyone pretty much knows which films Duke's character died in, but in which Duke films did Ward's character die in? Off the top of my head I come up with Rio Bravo, Operation Pacific, Fort Apache, and The Long Voyage Home. I guess we can assume that the Chief died in They Were Expendable. Am I missing one. Don't remember his role in Big Trail so that may be another one. And while he was the bad guy who lost out in the end of Tall in The Saddle, I don't remember a mortal wound.