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    Yeah I was surprised how easy it was to get considering there's a few Duke films I can't find anywhere, the plot sounds abit like the Tarantino movie Inglorious Basterds so as a fan of Ward i'm looking forward too seeing it, i'll report back with my thoughts!

    Glad to see you agreed with my choice Hondo, he really is great in IAWL and it's not really his usual role as his character isn't particularly tough or anything just a good natured kind of guy, I also agree that hes always popping up in films I don't expect him to be in, he really got around hollywood during his career and alot of the big directors like Ford and Capra seemed to value his talents. He might not be a household name anymore but here we are near 60 years after his death discussing the man and his work.

    An overlooked role might be Ward playing a simple minded heavy in A Man Betrayed, it was outside his usual comfort range as a tough guy and I thought he was very good in it.

    As long as know-one objects i'm going to try and get some discussion going in here by starting a few threads. I ask you what is your favorite role of Duke's best friend Ward Bond. My favorite is the role of Bert the policeman and he really adds to what is an excellent movie. I'm hoping others will discuss their favorite role :)