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    For those looking to beef up their Blu-ray collection of JW movies, Amazon is having a sale now through January 4th, and The Searchers on Blu-ray is currently on sale for $13.99.

    If you have a total order of $25 or more, it's FREE shipping!

    Chester :newyear:

    I found it(Blu-Ray version) at Sam's Club for $10.97 + tax. Great deal on a awesome looking movie in High Def!! Plus its a great movie to boot....

    Senta, There was a coupon in my "Ultimate" copy of "The Searchers" for a reproduction of a movie poster. All I had to do is pay for shipping. Must only be available to US residents, sorry.

    Anybody who purchased the new version of "The Searchers" order the movie poster? If so, have any of you received it yet? I sent mine in the day after the initial release date and the address was someplace in Minnesota. I cannot believe it would take that long to get it to me since I live in the same state. Oh well, guess I have to show alittle patience.

    I agree, take it back. The extras on disc 2 are not to be missed.

    I have the Ultimate edition and you don't have to view it on my version. I wouldn't let the trailer hold you up on purchasing the movie. Get it now!!!

    I always look at "The Searchers" as the movie that showed the range on Duke. He could get alittle formulaic in allot of his films but he showed what he could really do in this film.