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    I posted this earlier, but for some reason, it didn't take, so I'll post again.
    I watched The Searchers today and caught something I never noticed before. When Ethan and Martin come back to the Jorgensen's ranch after Brad was killed, they pass a small body of water in front of the house. Later in the film, Ethan and Martin are camped by a small body of water after the Indian woman, Look, caught up with them. The small lake is the same lake in front of the Jorgesen's. The bluffs in the distance are the same in both scenes, but they are supposed to be far away from the Jorgensen's ranch. I went back and forth several times to check. I shocked myself for noticing that, as I am never real observant of these types of things. I've never seen this pointed out in this thread, so I thought I would add it.Mark

    The same thought went through my mind, as, there isn't much water around those parts. I suspect it might have been hauled in, or if there was a small creek, it was dammed up just for the movie. When you look at the terrain around that cabin, it doesn't look like much could survive around there, year round.

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    Another thing that came up as a point of discussion among our little group, as a result of watching this film on the BIG screen, was about the medal that Ethan gave Debbie. You could really see it on the screen, which made us actually think more about it, and wondering what the medal was.

    From your initial post in this thread -

    I did notice one gaff ive never seen talked about before. You know the scene where they lifted that large rock off the "dead" indian? Well, as they lifted the rock, you could see the "dead Indian" take a deep breath and hold it. Other than that, I saw no gaffs of anykind. ;-))))

    Ringo, if you check the first post in this thread, it is mentioned, and I think there has probably been other discussion as well.

    Posts 17, 19, and 20 on this page also discuss it. Of course . . . this reference may have been 'before your time' here :wink_smile:.

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    This is the movie pamphlet of that time when The Searchers is released for the first time in Japan.

    THANK YOU so much for sharing the Japanese pamphlet.

    I am really enjoying the international offerings of our different members, from all around the world! It continues to emphasize the wide appeal of our hero - no borders and timeless as well.

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    I just rewatched this one again, for the fourth time and I love it. I think that it is just fantastic from beginning to end. I would argue that this is the best movies he ever made, or at least the best western. It's one of those movies that doesn't get stale with repeated viewings!

    I couldn't agree with you more! There are so many layers to the story, that are revealed the more you watch the film.

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    Here is a Film Facts from Clive Woollands, used with his permission.

    Howdy folks, it's time for another film fact, this time it's from the classic western 'The Searchers'.

    Producers: Merian C. Cooper, C.V. Whitney, Screenplay: Frank S.
    Nugent, Cinematographer: Winton C. Hoch, Art Director: James Basevi,
    Frank Hotaling, Editor: Jack Murray, Distribution: Warner Bros.
    Pictures, Locations: Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah, Cost of
    Production: $3.75 million, Date of Production: 1955.

    The Searchers is John Ford's 115th feature film.

    The sequence where Ethan Edwards chases Debbie was actually filmed in 2 locations and patched together in post-production. The first side of the hill is in Monument Valley, the second is 1,200 miles (1,930km) away at Griffith Park in Los Angeles.

    Natalie Wood says that she had a huge crush on Wayne's son, Patrick, during shooting.

    For some reason, German born, American-educated, blue-eyed actor Henry Brandon seemed a natural choice to John Ford to play the Native American chief, Scar. Ford also cast him as an Indian in his 1961 film Two Rode Together.

    Actress Dorothy Jordan, who plays the ill-fated Martha Edwards, was the wife of producer Merian C. Cooper.

    Legend has it that Ward Bond caused panic on the set by unplugging the camera so he could plug in his electric razor. It's also claimed that he walked around naked in front of the windows of his room in an effort to attract actress Vera Miles.

    By July, temperatures in Monument Valley had soared to over 82f (28c) and some cast and crew members fainted in the heat.

    Regular Ford Stuntman Frank McGrath had spent the previous six months in plaster after breaking his back, but he had to do three separate stunts that called for him to fall from a horse and be dragged along.

    He's involved with the Cancer Institute, although that probably doesn't take much time. He has a magic act, but the only place I've of heard him performing was at the Bohemian Grove
    ( a large private group of the super rich and famous internationalists).

    Knowing how these people think, they probably got more entertainment out of the fact that John Wayne's heir and apparent wasn't continuing his father's
    Rugged Nationalist Style of Americanism, than his magic,

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    I've been checking in on the message board pretty regular, but somehow I missed this until today. Thanks for sharing it. I don't think I have the "Ultimate Collection" Searchers, although I do think my DVD has many of the features listed above. But there are a few more goodies with the collection, so I might just have to add it to my personal collection.

    Thanks again!

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    I always wondered what about burying their dead under a rock was not trying to hide it?

    Put an amen to it!

    First of all, we would like to welcome you to the John Wayne Message Board, the best of its kind on the 'Net! I hope you will check out some of the threads in the Newbie forum and post there, so we can got better acquainted with you.

    Second, regarding burying dead under a rock, as I understand it wasn't so much to hide a body, but often to keep wild animals from digging up the body and eating on it.

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    Robbie, I'm curious why you say this is not a mistake. Obviously, one cannot be both one-eighth and one-quarter whatever (I think :mellow: ).

    For the collectors out there, Deep Discount DVD has 8 movie posters available, and the DVD available in boxed sets, but not individually (at least not that I can find).

    Amazon has the DVD available from independent sellers, which means a $3.49 shipping charge, and of course they also have VHS available.

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