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    Surprised that no one commented on the cast and crew call sheets for "The Searchers". We have the entire crew confirmed, including the stunt players, and Duke's office telephone number in case anyone would like to venture a call.
    Figured Hawkswill would at least try to get a ouija board and contact Ward Bond.
    Can't win 'em all.

    We deal in lead, friend.

    Fantastic post Bill, I love knowing all this behind the scenes info.
    Could not see your name on there as supplier of great stills though!:wink_smile:

    Yes,it was rather strange that they were SO CLOSE to them. All of a sudden a rather wide gap developed between them.......probably when they stopped and took Duke's horse that I call "Spot" over to let Scar ride, LOL! Boy, are yall getting close or what, Jim?

    Bought my first DVD to start a collection: John Wayne, the Tribute Collection $5. Has about 23 Bs, Angel and the Badman and McClintock. Most important was the interview with Ford in Monument Valley I had never seen. Hank Fonda actually HUGGED him, LOL.KPKEITH OT, sorry.

    Great set, a must have...
    Mine is still sealed, lol! Seriously need a stay-cation to get some viewing in!:wink_smile: