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    I think we should have another look at these errors, some of them are not genuine and I also have concerns pulling trivia from the IMDB as it's not always reliable.

    I think we can knock that sunglasses error on the head; I just checked the scene and it doesn't exist.

    As for Martin's knife switching hands; that's only apparent in certain versions.

    At the viewing at the theater the other day, I picked up on a detail I had never noticed before. When Ethan returns home he enters the cabin and picks Debbie up by holding her elbows and raising her over his head. This is exactly how he lifts her at the end when he says - let's go home.
    That damn Ford was a genius.

    We deal in lead, friend.

    This film is layered in symbolism, it's fantastic.

    I'm not sure if it would be entirely impossible to farm at those locations, for example the Jorgenson ranch has access to water which would have been vital for farming.

    THANK YOU so much for sharing the Japanese pamphlet.

    I am really enjoying the international offerings of our different members, from all around the world! It continues to emphasize the wide appeal of our hero - no borders and timeless as well.

    Chester :newyear:

    I have always said that John Wayne was Americas gift to the world and also your greatest ever export.


    Hi Sanda

    The Search takes place over the course of five years, this is explicity stated by Duke when he threw a rock into the water prior to Debbie arriving at the camp and telling the searchers to leave.

    I think Ethan is the younger brother and the reason I think this is because he looks younger, he is the one who went to fight in the American civil war which would usually have been done by the younger male members of a family.


    Its in good and bad company. On the plus side there is 'The Seven Samurai' and 'Young Mr Lincoln' but on the negative side there is 'King Kong'.

    I'm glad however that this particular version of 'The Searchers' is of a high standard as this is a pretty exceptional movie. Do the extras for this movie simply include 'The turning of the Earth' documentary and modern directors take on this exceptional movie?


    Any decent tracker would have been able to find that dead Indian under the rock.

    Nesby was aware of the fact that the Comanche were not covering their tracks and were ultimately lurring the rangers into a trap.


    Hi Arther

    Do you remember some years ago Jonathan Ross did a profile of Duke on a programme called hollywood greats. The programmed showed some behind the scenes footage of the Searchers and showed a scene of Duke and Ford together on a hilltop, with Ford holding Dukes arm, do you know what was going on?


    Hi Arther,

    I couldn't agree more with your post above.


    For your trivia section this movie contains tons of deleted scenes and it is fascinating to watch the trailer for the Searchers as some of them can be viewed there. You are probably aware of this already Keith but do you know where these scenes would have fitted into the actual movie as I am unsure.


    Hi Chester

    Martin Pawley refered to his race as 1/8 cherekee.

    Later Ethan called him a 1/4 Cherekee.

    What Ford was trying to do was to highlight again to the viewer Ethans complete ignorance of different races and even though he was told what race Martin was he still wrongly specifies his race.

    Hope this makes sense to you.


    For the purpose of accuracyas many will already be aware the following is not a mistake within the Searchers.

    One minute, Martin Pawley, is one-eighth Cherokee,the next, he is
    one-quarter Cherokee!