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    Hi Hondo

    At some point I would like to read that book, I've heard a lot about it and yes, I knew that Gillem was the one who shot Books in the back. Why would he do this? Unless he was trying to become the next shootist.

    But as far as the sherrif goes, I suppose he would have to have done something. Maybe he could have shot Books before Books shot him. But for arguments sake, let's say Books got away scott-free, and I agree that the cancer would have gotten to him sooner or later, do you think he would have eventually taken his own life?

    Me personally, I'm kinda like you in that I think he would have just kept on gunfighting until somebody sooner or later was just a bit faster than him.

    My question about the Shootist is what was he gonna do after he survived the gunfight. I know the bartender shot him, but if he hadn't, what was J. B. Books gonna do after that? I mean he still had cancer, was he gonna take his own life?

    I could be wrong, but I don't remember the word bs in this movie. But it won't hurt if I watch it again just to be sure. The Shootist was (is) one of my favorites.