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    Thanks again Brooks
    Because of my poor ability for english hearing,It made a mistake dangerously.
    " I sure hope the right fellow comes along " is a good dialogue and just like Duke
    to say so!

    About this dialogue,there's an interesting story.
    Several years ago, Mr.Ohbayashi(japanese movie director)visited Duke's daughter
    and he heard from her that this dialogue was often said by Duke in real life.

    Is it true?
    and I want to know the name of Duke's daughter who told so .
    Anybody know?
    Best regards,


    Thank you Brooks
    No name Labels,regrettably i understand.

    and one more question.
    His last day,J.B.Books said a greeting to little lady in the streetcar.
    by japanese subtitle,it was "I hope you will meet a good young man "
    but a restriction of transrate that three word by a second we can read,
    subtitles are not seldom uncorrect.

    I heard that line is "I sure hope you have right to welcome a star"
    want what Books said ?
    Best regards,


    Thank you for your invitation to newbie forum.
    and I hope american whisky friend will teach me that whisky brand name.

    I effort to introduce myself in the newbie forum, but my ability of english speaking
    or writing is so poor. please forgive me my odd expression,miss spelling.

    Hi everyone
    This movie is one of my fayorites.
    and for a lomg time, I have one question.
    I wonder what brand of whisky(may be bourbon?) which on the bar counter
    in this movie's scene?
    this whisky's label mark looks like clover.